ISEEUSEE 4 Channel 720p HD DVR Kit Review

ISEEUSEE 4 Channel 720p HD DVR
This article talks about the ISEEUSEE 4 Channel 720p HD DVR Kit. There’s lots of these types of product on the market and people like them because they’re simple. You get a few cameras, a central hub and a motion sensor.

So they’re complete all-in-one products meaning you don’t have to go around shopping for all the individual and separate parts in order to secure your home. There’s a whole host of these things and basically there’s not much difference between them, so it all comes down to value. Does the particular system you’re looking at represent good value? We’ll find that out

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  • Four cameras
  • 720p
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Easy set-up
  • 1TB hard drive
  • Three recording options
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • 100 feet of night vision


  • Only a 75-degree angle on the cameras
  • Self-monitored


The first thing you should be looking at are the cables, which measure 60 feet. Although the manufacturer has claimed this to be very special, it’s actually what you get in most systems around this price. Take these out of the box, place the DVR down and attach them, then get them running. Next, place the cameras in desired positions around your house.

After you’ve linked all of the cameras, the system should recognize them almost immediately and you’re good to go.

Value trade-off

First the good news. You get a 1 TB hard drive already installed inside the DVR. This is massive for the price. You’d usually see something like this on a system priced between $200 and $30, so it’s very impressive that you get one here for under $200. It means you can record straight out of the box. And, you’ll be able to store around a month’s worth of footage even if you have recorded 24 hours a day.

You’d think this a great value of money. BUT — there’s always that big “but” — the manufacturer had to save money somehow after including in such a (ridiculously) large hard drive and they chose the camera lens. Most cameras on these kinds of system are fixed but have a wide angle to cover a large area. There is a wide angle here but it’s only 75 degrees, so you’re going to get less coverage per camera on this system than with others around this price.

Recording options

You get three recording options:

First – you can choose to record only when the motion sensors detect movement in the house and around it.

Second – you can record 24 hours a day.

Third – you can schedule specific times when you want the system to record. It’s entirely up to you.


The cameras are not 1080p, and if you want to pay an extra $50 bucks to get 1080p then the images would be better. But you do get 100 feet of vision both day and night. Considering the fact that 65 feet is the average on cameras way above this price then it’s deemed a pretty good value

As it stands, the pictures are pretty good and you can certainly make out in great detail what a person looks like and who they are. Unfortunately though there’s no zoom. The cameras also come with an vandal-proof mount, so it’s quite strong and durable.

Mobile connectivity

By using the app you can go online to view or record live footage, no matter where you are in the world. You’ll be presented with four channels and the option to choose one, or view all four at once. Each channel represents each individual camera. You can do pause, rewind, fast-forward or stop, so all basic controls are there when you go online.

This is a self-monitored though, meaning that if you see anything, or if you get a text message telling you of a disturbance, the responsibility is on you to take action. There’s no security company watching and calling the police for you. So keep a look out for texts while you’re at work.

“IP66 Weatherproof” – what does it mean?

There are lots of home security systems that have this tag and it doesn’t mean they’re completely weatherproof — as in it can withstand all types of weather.

It just means that they’ve been tested for water resistance and this particular unit passed the test. It will withstand heavy rain conditions and even tropical storms.

Where you see this tag you should remember that there was no testing against heavy winds. So if you live in an area that is affected by hurricanes, cyclones or typhoons then they will be easily swept away or topple over.


The four cameras are an attractive offering from this system, and the fact that they’re 720p is real good for the price. The pictures are great too.

The 1 TB hard drive is massive and makes 30 days continuous recordings possible. While it’s not right for everyone there is great mobile connectivity, it is rainproof, and you do have some nice recording options. At $190, this system is worth the money.