Honeywell 2116 Steel Fire and Security Safe 2.35 Cubic Feet

Buying a safe is often considered an investment. If you have $5,000 worth of cash or jewelry, then you might need a safe that’s priced more than $100. Otherwise, it doesn’t make financial sense.

So people who have more stuff, buy higher priced safes. They enter the market in the $300-$600 price range looking for the best safe they can. This article reviews the Honeywell 2116 Steel Fire and Security Safe, and see if it will be able to take care and protect your valuables well.

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  • Very heavy
  • Thick steel
  • Nice lock
  • LCD display
  • Removable shelf
  • Pretty good size
  • Incredibly secure build


  • There’s a slight possibility of it being forced open

The take out problem

So how do you solve the problem of home invaders running away out of the door with your safe? Well, some people build safes that can be bolted to the floor. It does work but there’s always the possibility that they’ll just saw or drill through the bolts.

Honeywell thought of a novel solution to this age-old problem. They made a safe so heavy that nobody in their right mind is going to want to move it. The “2116” is 303 pounds. So yes, it’s got more weight on it than an average American male. The thieves will probably hurt their backs trying to lift it and end up incapacitated on your floor waiting for the police to come.

Motion and tilt alarm

On the other hand, what if they didn’t break their backs trying to pick it up? Well, there’s an alarm installed on the safe that will go off if it leaves the ground and turns on its side. In event of a false alarm you go to the LCD Display, type in your password and the alarm will stop.


All that weight comes from all that steel, so burglars won’t be able to break it with a baseball bat no matter how many times they do it. Honeywell called its design ‘cabinet style’ because they felt they where creating something that could slot into your living room along with the rest of the furniture, just like a cabinet would. However, it is less of an attractive-looking cabinet and more of a huge chunk of steel with door on the front.

Well, it’s not exactly “cabinet style,” but Honeywell is obviously doing it for marketing. So anyway, it’s a huge steel box that’s almost impossible to bash open or drill. If you like that sort of thing then perhaps this is for you. But if you where looking for a true cabinet type design of a safe then it isn’t your thing.


The measurements are 21.3 inches by 19.6 inches by 29.5 inches so it’s not small but it’s not huge either. So, it’s not going to be right for everyone.

So the key to buying a perfect safe size is to first consider the things that you want to put in. If not, there are plenty of other good safes that will fit your needs perfectly. There is also a removable shelf if you want to create more space, but still ti doesn’t add greatly to size.


The lock

The lock is excellent with four steel bolts holding the door in place. Your password will release the bolts. It’s characteristic of the design. They could have gone with a complicated deadlock system but instead they just included the four super-huge bolts. They’ll keep anyone out, even drillers.

But there’s a weakness here too. The hinges are strong but there’s a gap and you could get a crowbar in there. With some time and effort it could forced open. It would take a skilled technician, but it could be done. So it’s not perfect, but it is good.

Fire resistant

The safe is “fire resistant” but it doesn’t mean it will burn all day and nothing will get damaged. Well, some safes will do that for you but not this one.

Not in this case. “Fire resistant” means it can burn for one hour at temperatures of up to 1700 Fahrenheit and all your stuff will remain intact. Any longer than that and you’re running into trouble.

LCD display

The LCD display does two things. Firstly you’ll be using it to type in your password when you want to get into your safe. Secondly you’ll be using it check all the times the door was open.

That’s right, the memory you got will keep a record of dates and specific times when somebody opened the safe. This is great for catching family members stealing your stuff. Most folks won’t have that problem though.


In a world of complex designs, along comes a steel box. Simple but very secure. The steel is incredibly heavy and thick so nobody is bashing this in. They also won’t be taking it with them because of the weight and the alarm. It’s fire-proof up to a point and this adds to the versatility, while the removable shelf makes the size issue, less of an issue.

While Honeywell claims that this is a “cabinet-style” safe, it’s more like a big hunk of metal than a cabinet so the cabinet-like description Honeywell gave it doesn’t really work.