FREDI HD Mini Super Small Portable Hidden Spy Camera

Buying the wrong product is easier than buying the right one these days. There’s so many products for you to choose from. So many ways to make a mistake. So this article is trying to point out products that you shouldn’t buy, to save you from further inconveniences. The FREDI HD Mini Super Small Portable Hidden Spy Camera is one of those products you should avoid, or else you’re only wasting money.

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Here are the six reasons why you should know better than buying this product:

#1 Wi-Fi problems

On the face of it the set-up seems pretty easy. You will want to download the BVCAM app and connect the camera to your Wi-Fi.

Then there’s the usual waiting time to get recognition before you’re rolling. But then the problems come.

It can be slow to accept your wireless signal and in a large number of cases folks have been complaining that it doesn’t work at all with their Wi-Fi. While we will never know exactly why these problems exist, people do experience the same issues. The Wi-Fi connection comes and goes as it pleases.

#2 The picture

If you’ve seen this product online you might have noticed that there’s no native resolution given. Even on the company’s website they don’t provide one.

You’re more likely to be viewing images in an SVGA resolution (800×600).

So the images aren’t the clean and crisp that you have gotten used to watching on your HD TV sets. The images are grainy and it’s often hard to make out any detail at all. Viewing on a phone, which many people might be doing during the day, it’s almost impossible to see what’s going on at the house.

#3 Very fragile

It’s almost certain the Wi-Fi recognition is so bad because of cheap substandard workmanship over there — and while we’re not against products made from China, what we’re against is cheap and inferior products, most of which come from China.

It’s plastic on the outside, and it looks like if you held it too tight you’d be picking up its parts from the floor. Not durable. You’ll be buying another one within three months.

#4 Poor motion detection

It has a passive detector so it produces false alarms because it doesn’t detect body heat. A familiar theme with these low-priced cameras is that they don’t send picture notifications so you have to go to the app to find out whether you’re being broken into or not. This is all presuming the Wi-Fi hasn’t cut out.

In which case you’ll not be getting any notifications of events. As mentioned before, the Wi-Fi connection comes and goes. Do you want to take a chance and maybe miss an important notification?

#5 It doesn’t record much

You can record on this thing and they go to great lengths to tell you about how it automatically records over footage once you run out of space on your SD card. Unfortunately it only takes cards of up to 32 GB so you’re not going to be recording much before the whole thing gets wiped.


There’s just no reason to buy this. The Wi-Fi comes and goes and you never know if you’re going to have a connection on any given day.

It’s not durable either. It comes cheap and flimsy. It was made of cheap materials and won’t last long.

It’s small and that’s really the only good thing about it. It’ll stay hidden, but it just doesn’t work well. When the Wi-Fi is on, the motion detection does work but has lots of false alarms and notifications don’t come with pictures.