Bob’s Foscam C2B Indoor 1080P FHD Cam Review

There are two ways when it comes to creating a more secure home. Option number one:  you buy a complete home security system which comes with everything. Option number two: you build one up yourself piece by piece.

So if you choose option number two, then Foscam C2B Indoor 1080p FHD Wireless/WiFi IP Security Home Camera will interest you.

It will also appeal to folks who already have a complete system, but want to add something more to it. So if we look at the Foscam like it’s a piece of a puzzle, next we have you ask ourselves what kind of piece is it? Is it vital? Does it have some amazing features that you can’t get on anything else? What does it offer us that could justify its price at just over $100? What hidden flaws does it have? Read on to find out.

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  • Motion detection
  • 2-Way audio
  • Watch live images from anywhere
  • 1080p
  • Easy set-up
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Night vision
  • Video and text notifications
  • SD card recording
  • Smart technology


  • Some false alarms
  • No hard drive


The set-up is pretty quick and easy, taking about five minutes. After you put the camera down, the system will recognize it. Then you can go to your phone, download their app, log in and fill in a few details there, and voila! You’re done.

Motion detector

You get one motion detector and it’s pre-installed into the camera. It’s a passive detector so rather than sending out microwaves or seeking out body heat, it will simply sit there and wait for movement. It’s very effective and the 26-inch range is pretty good too.

This is further boosted by the sound wave technology inside the device. This will search for sounds outside of the range area, like windows breaking.  Its range and sensitivity will definitely satisfy users. It is prone to a few false alarms though, like all motion detectors. Flowers blowing in the breeze from a fan, or someone dropping something can set this thing off. As long as you’re fine with that, then you will probably like this.


Still images on Foscam’s camera are terrific. You get full 1080p HD, and everything is incredibly detailed. You also get 8x zoom which is unusual on a camera in this price range. There’s a 120 degree viewing angle as well, meaning you’ll capture images across a vast space.

This is one of the widest angles available for under $300. But still, it is just one camera so how much you see will be about where you place it, so bear that in mind. You also get infrared night vision and it turns on automatically so you don’t have to do anything extra. Infrared is brighter than LED so the images are just as good at night as they are in the day.


Users will definitely like the notifications because they aren’t the plain text notifications you get from most systems. You actually get a video to go with the text.

It’ll be a short video of whatever was happening when the motion detectors alarm is triggered.

Mobile connectivity

The mobile use options are vast here. They are a cut above most of the competitors. You can do the usual stuff like go online from anywhere in the world to view live footage at your home. But there’s more to that. You can also speak live to whoever is there.

There’s some excellent two-way communication here. You can very clearly hear what anyone is saying so it makes a great method of checking up on the kids when they get home from school.


You don’t get a hard drive here and that might be an option if you want more recording space. But you do get free online local recordings, and you can also record to an SD card if you wished.


People would most likely rather have a hard drive and pay $50 more than the SD card or online recordings. Why? Because it’s simpler and you get more space.

Having said that, the images here are incredibly good. The mobile connectivity really makes up for that and adds a little something special with its two-way communication which doesn’t exist on many systems.