EZVIZ Smart Home Security System 8 Weatherproof HD 1080P Cameras 8 Channel Article

EZVIZ Smart Home 1080p Security SystemThis article reviews the EVIZ Smart Home Security System 8 Weatherproof HD 1080p Cameras, 8 Channel. The first thing you will notice immediately is how good the cameras look. They’re looking quite distinctive with the curvaceous finish and white color, with bright green accents. They may gain points from aesthetic factors, but are the cameras actually any good? Will they measure up to customers’ expectations? Will they be worth the purchase? Let’s find it out here.

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  • Eight cameras
  • 1080p
  • Motion detection
  • Mobile viewing/recording
  • 1 TB hard drive
  • Extra encryption
  • 30 frames per second
  • Instant updates


  • Too expensive to some


There are eight 1080p cameras in this system. They move at 30 frames per second so the pictures come out great. No distortions, flickers or rainbow effects whatsoever. The effects and images appear and remain incredibly clear, whether night or day.

The price is in the high-end of the market, so you’re paying a premium for this kind of quality and that has to be taken into account. If you need eight cameras and think this price is too much, there are many other 8-camera systems you can buy for about $300. The pictures will be 720p though, and you most likely won’t get 100 feet of night vision either. This is what you’re paying for; the superb and clear image quality and the greater night vision.

Weatherproof IP66

When people see the term “weatherproof IP66” on a product, they assume that it can withstand any type of weather, which is quite the contrary.

The IP system rates products according to their responses to water only. So none of the products with an IP rating have been tested against wind.

If you live in an area that is often hit by cyclones or hurricane,  then most security cameras will be thrown off by strong winds. For those of you who don’t live in such areas, the IP66 rating the EZVIZ means they’ve thrown 100 liters of water a minute for three minutes at the system and it’s come through undamaged. It will withstand any amount of rain.


This system is also encrypted, which means you have your own password and nobody else will be able to access it.

1 TB hard drive

This system includes a 1 TB hard drive so you’ll be able to record 24 hours a day. The capacity of this drive is so huge that you can have 25 full days’ worth of straight recording, if you want to.

Sure, there are 1 TB hard drives on systems with lower prices than this. However, EZVIZ’s 1 TB hard drive is security grade which means there’s another layer of encryption here. So not only do you get network encryption, but you also get data encryption inside your Hard Drive.

Mobile connectivity

It has a mobile app which you create an account and log in. After typing in your password and doing scans in your devices, you’re good to go, you now have created a full network.

You can use the mobile app to check what’s going on in your house when you’re away. For example, you’re at a beach vacation in Mexico and you want to check on your house. Go to the app, choose a camera to view and you will be getting live footage from that camera. You can even access all eight cameras from any location in the world and you can also record from any location. You can also do rewind, fast-forward, play or pause. All the basic controls are there, giving you an extra peace of mind.

Instant updates

One of the great things about this system are the instant updates. As they make the system better, they pass those improvements onto you. Not all systems do this, though for this price you’d expect it. So every once in a while the system will update itself with new firmware. Don’t worry, your pictures and video recordings will not be affected by those updates.

Motion detection

Each of the cameras contains a motion detector and when they sense motion you’ll receive a text or email. So this is a self-monitored system, meaning you’ll have to call the police yourself in event of a burglary.

But you will know of any problems within seconds of motion being detected. They’re passive detectors so they’ll set out a grid. The grid is their detection area and anything moving on there will immediately set off an alarm. You can avoid these false alarms by placing them about six feet up so that plants and bushes moving in the wind don’t produce alarms. The grid is wide though. You get up to 65 feet of motion detection, which is very good for the price.


In terms of pricing, the EZVIZ is pretty expensive for a system with eight cameras. However, they have added a few touches of quality that some buyers might like. The 1080p cameras really guarantee sharp images and a great clarity of vision both live and on recordings.

There are no distortions either so you won’t miss anything.  Ultimately you get two layers of security here with encryption in the hard drive and on the network so it’s one of the most secure systems out there. How important is that to you? Ask yourself if you’d pay extra for 1080p, the extra range and the extra security. If the answer is yes, then go for it.