Cocoon Complete Home Security System Review Article

ocoon Complete Home Security System If you want to start your very own home security company, take inspiration from this group of five guys. There were five co-founders sitting at home with an idea — a huge idea, or so they thought: to make one product which took care of all your home security needs.

What these five guys meant the “product” would include the following: motion detection, sensors, alarm and visuals — the whole caboodle. Then they went out and got $250,000 bucks from a crowd funding site and created the Cocoon Complete Home Security Device. Simple as that folks.

The Cocoon entered the market late last year and although it started off slowly it’s picking up speed, so this article would like to give the Cocoon Complete Home Security Device and see if it’s any good.

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  • Easy set-up
  • 720p camera
  • Sub-sound
  • Motion detector over two floors
  • Intelligent smart device
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Loud alarm


  • Self-monitored
  • Lots of red in some pictures


The set-up is very easy and it’s one of the things the company boasted about pre-release. You just place the system down where ever you want it and the system will connect to your Wi-Fi in just seconds. Then download the app and log in.


You get a 720p camera here and it will send images to your mobile phone whenever anything happens like a break-in. The pictures are pretty good too and there are no distortions that I could see.

There is only one camera per device though so you have to place it where it can see as much of the house as possible.

The camera’s night vision is also very good. Unlike the cameras on most systems, it gives you just as good pictures as if you view them in the daytime. Only some pictures appear to be more red than they look in reality. Other than that, the pictures are still of good quality.


It should be noted that in event of a disturbance at home, the onus is on you to take action all by yourself. You don’t get a private security team viewing your system and looking out for problems. But since this isn’t a monitored system, you don’t have to pay monthly fees.


Here’s the key selling point of this system and this is really impressive. It will learn your behavior to find out what’s normal and at what time.

Dogs barking often set off sensors, but not here because it will learn the sound your dog makes. This means you won’t get endless videos of him running around in the house (unless you want them, of course)

As weeks pass it will get to grips with your routine, and start to automatically turn itself on when you leave for work and turn itself off when you get back. Whenever anyone comes through the door it will send you a video of that. If someone comes through the door at a time that is unusual, then the system will set off an alarm. You’re avoiding all the time-consuming and exasperating false alarms, while still getting the security of having home protection.

We’d say that this is very intelligent system which will also listen through floors for sounds such as the opening of windows.

So you only need one of this system per home. If a window is opened at an unusual time then it will set off the alarm and send you a video. This aspect from Cocoon is really, really impressive.

Mobile connectivity

The system is controlled from your phone so you will be able to monitor it wherever you and your phone are. You can even record from a place far away from home, as long as you have Internet connection. Just go to the app and view the system any time you wish.

Motion sensor

There are issues with the motion sensor. Although it does listen through floors for sounds like the opening of windows and glass breaking, making it a good active sensor, perhaps you may need more than one Cocoon.

These who live in small or medium-sized houses will be just fine with one. But for bigger houses, expect some range issues there.

It is not cost-effective to buy two of these devices Cocoon won’t be recommended for use in bigger houses. Everybody else is good. It’s intelligent and it’s very sensitive so you’ll never miss a break-in and a really loud alarm sets off whenever the motion sensor detects something. Any movement considered out of the ordinary will result in a video being sent to your phone.


If you have an erratic schedule then you’re going to get false alarms because the system will find it more difficult to learn your movements and sounds. If you don’t, then you might love this.

The camera works well and produces good pictures. You may find slight issues with the obvious reddish tint in some images, but it’s a minor problem.

It has a huge range too, operating over two floors listening for glass breaking and windows opening. It means that if you live in a small to medium-sized home then you only need this one system to cover the whole thing. The mobile connectivity is good and you will receive a video whenever anything untoward happens.