Canary All-in-One Home Security Device Article

Canary All-in-One Home Security Device Article

This article is checking out the Canary All-in One Home Security Device, and it does have some things to say about it — and the good news is that it’s more of the “good” than of the “bad.” But before getting too excited to buy one, let’s find out first about its features and functions and see if it’s suitable for your home security needs.

According to the manufacturer, this is a modern approach to home security this article will be discussing about what it means. They also claim that this device is easy to set up and users should feel peace of mind with this gadget whenever they’re away from home.

So is that true or they’re just doing it for marketing? Let’s find out if this thing is going to be worth your money or not.

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  • Great price if you only need one
  • 1080p superb pictures
  • 147 inch wide angled lens
  • Small footprint
  • Great mobile connectivity
  • Nice motion detector
  • Alert the police through using the mobile app


  • No big cons here but perhaps you should not buy more than one

Setting it up

Perhaps this gadget is called “Canary” and it is considered as “modern” because of the quick set-up, which is great because many people are busy and one of things they want for a home security gadget is a quick installation.

Take the Canary out, place it by the door and then go onto to internet and find the App. Download it to your Android or IPhone and you should get pictures immediately. It’s takes a few minutes.

The affordability factor

So, they recommend one Canary per floor. And what you’re paying for is the 1080p camera with motion detector to monitor each particular floor. That would probably be the biggest issue that users may have with it.

At around $180 you’d be paying 360 bucks for two of these if you have two floors. For just over $200 you could get a 720P system with four cameras and have complete cover.

So, you’re only saving money by having this if you buy one. Buy more than one and you’re paying more than you should. So for people who live in a house with only one floor this is great because you’re paying $180 for complete cover. You’re really saving money. People who live in small apartments would love it for that same reason. If you live in a two story house then give this one a miss.

Mobile connectivity

For instance, if you’re at work or on vacation in Europe and you’re worried about your home. You take out your phone, laptop or tablet, go online to app and have a look at what is happening live at your home. Not that you’d need to because of the alert capabilities going on here. Usually with these types of systems you’d get a text message or email should someone break into the home and set off the motion detector.

Here, you get that but also you get an encrypted video sent to you. This will show you what set off the alarm and then you’ll be able to judge as to whether the police need to be called. This is great because if it was your family dog, you’re not calling the police out to a non-emergency. False alarms are a major problem with these self-monitored systems and they cause people a lot of annoyance. They just about solved that problem with the video inclusion.

The alarm

Unlike on many systems you also get an alarm here. It has 90 decibels so it’s very loud. You’ll get your video of what’s going on at home seconds after an alert on the motion detector is triggered.

If there’s someone invading your home and you want to call the police, first go to the app and set off your alarm. Since the alarm is quite loud, all your neighbors will be able to hear it, and alert the police. So basically, it’s all there in one place.

The camera

You really cannot complain about the camera. It’s 1080p making it one of the cheapest 1080p systems on the market. It also has a 147 inch wide angled lens. This means it really will cover one home floor.

Pictures are incredibly clear. Clear as the HD on your flat-screen TV. Everything looks so crisp and vibrant. The camera is also set to record non-stop in the case of an alert. So you’ll be getting a string on recordings letting you know exactly whats going on at your home.

Arm/disarm function

Anytime you leave the house just press the button to arm the system and then disarm it when you come back. This is all done centrally from the Canary unit so you’re not fiddling about online. It helps people avoid getting a text message issuing an alert every time they get back from work.

Conclusion: is it worth it?

For a two-floor home you’ll need two of these and the $360 bucks that you’ll pay for them, but it might cost pretty high no matter how good the camera is. Because there are affordable cameras out there — for instance, you can buy four 720p cameras for only $220.

If you live in a one-floor home, you only need to buy one Canary, and that’s enough to give your home protection. The camera is great at 1080p, the motion detector is good and reliable. It has the night vision feature too, and it offers great mobile connectivity. There are no false alarms here because you get both a video and a text sent to you in event of an alarm. You can even call the police from the app. All in all, the quality is undeniably and unquestionably good.