Best Wire-Free Fence for People With Pets

People have pet dogs know all too well that even the best ones can sometimes wreak havoc. But we love them just the same right?
So we put up huge ugly fences to make sure they don’t run off.

But nowadays, you don’t need to do that because, thanks to technology. Now we have the wire-free fence for people with pets. It does a couple of things:


1. They give your Dog a small shock if he goes towards the edge of the area you want him in.
2. In doing this they teach him boundaries

Nobody likes putting up real live fences or do not have time to do that, so this wireless fence sounds like a good idea.  There’s a bunch of the wireless fences out there but the best one is Sacheals 100% No Wire Wire-Free Dog Fence System.

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  • Can be used for any pet provided they can wear a collar
  • Instant set-up
  • Simple design
  • Cuts out the need for fences
  • 100 shock levels
  • Will not harm your pet
  • 3-1500 feet of range


  • Can’t be placed within 5 feet of a metal object

How does it work?

These kinds of fence-free systems all work roughly the same way. You will get a transmitter inside the box and you put that somewhere in the house. Then you put a Receiver around your dog’s neck.

It comes shaped like a collar so he won’t even know it’s there.

If he leaves the area covered by the transmitter then he’ll receive a small electric shock. The transmission area is always circular with the transmitter in the center of the circle so you have three options for transmitter placement.

1. If you’re letting your dog out of the back of the house and don’t want him out the front, then the transmitter should go somewhere near the backdoor.

2. If you got some grass at the front of the house and you want him out there but not around the back, then place it near the front door.

3. If you live in a house with land all around it then place the transmitter in the center of the house. He/she will be able to roam back,front and sides.


There is no set-up. Once you turn on the Transmitter it will begin sending out a signal so all you have to do next is wear that receiver around your dog’s neck and the set-up is complete.

How much space will my dog have?

With this system, you get to choose how much space your dog has. And you get to change the space you give him anytime you want.

Choose how many feet away from the transmitter your dog can go between 3 and 1500 feet.

So you can keep him real close to the house or you can let him go far away. Perhaps you have a big dog and kids come over. You could reset the transmitter to a range of 450 feet or whatever the edge of your property is. That way he can go further away.

Will it work for my other pets?

This will work on any pet provided they have the collar on — yes, even on your pet cats.

Will the shock hurt my pet?

There are 100 shock settings ranging from very slight to hard. None of them will kill or hurt your pet.

Make sure you look in the booklet you get with the product and choose the shock setting that corresponds to the size of your pet.

Some inside knowledge the manufacturer might not tell you:

Place the transmitter five feet away from any metal for best results. Metal can distort the signal. Place it off the ground five feet up for the best signal. Set the transmitter power to level 20 or higher.

Lower than this and the signal will be too weak.

Don’t set the collar too tight because the shock will be greater. Besides, no dog wants a real tight collar.

The verdict

This is a great little product for folks whose pets keep on running off like they got somewhere to be. It avoids the need for ugly fences and it’s a lot less hard work than putting up a fence. No digging or anything like that. This gadget is ready to use, straight out of the box. As soon as you got the receiver on your dog, it’s picking up a signal.