Best Video Security System for the Elderly

Everybody worries about their parents and their grandparents when they get older. We want them to be secure because hey, we know that they took care of us once. But older folks tend to be worse than bad at electronics so you want something that’s:

1. Easy to navigate

2. Easy to set up

3. Clear

4. Having a good motion detector

This would be your checklist if you are looking for the best video security for your older folks.

So when it comes to the best video security system for the elderly, the ANNKE 8 Channel HD-TVI 1080p Video Security System might be it.

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  • Easy set-up
  • Easy-to-navigate app
  • 720p images
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • Good motion detector
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor


  • No hard drive


It’s one of the easier systems to install. Older folks might need help mounting the cameras, but once you’ve done that you just need to plug in the DVR and the install the wizard. It will take you through the whole process in 15 minutes.

VGA port

This is important for the elderly because many older folks might have trouble viewing images on phones. Being that they got smaller screens and all.

The best bet is to connect your computer up to the DVR using the VGA port and they’ll be able to run live footage 24 hours a day.

All they would need to do is turn on the monitor. If your parent or grandparent is comfortable using a phone then they can access the app at anytime to view live or recorded footage provided they have an Internet connection.


Another reason why this system is good is that anyone can navigate the app — yes, we mean anyone. So no matter how much or how little technical knowledge your parent or grandparent has, they’ll still be able to view live or recorded footage. All the icons are clearly marked out so even folks with bad eyes can see them. The entire app can be controlled with the mouse that comes with the system.

You can even change the names of the cameras just by clicking on them once.

The elderly should change the names to things like ‘back of house’ or ‘front of house’. Something they’ll easily recognize so they’ll know what they’re gonna be seeing when they click on each camera. Another great thing about the app is that you can easily skip through footage where nothing happens to get to events. It’s all so easy to see.

Hard drive?

One of the only drawbacks this system has if you’re buying it for an older person is that there’s no hard drive. But it is only around $230.

And if you spend another $40 bucks on a separate hard drive then the total spend is only $270 which is still very good for eight cameras.

When you get that hard drive there’s no complex installation. Just link it up through the USB port and you’ll be recording instantly. The elderly folks will even have no problem doing this.

Harmful interference?

This system can sometimes cause harmful interference so it means that it can disrupt other electronic devices in the home.

The ANNKE 8 Channel has however been certified by the FCC and the CE for omitting no harmful interference. So your Grandma’s TV is going to stay on.

Indoor and Outdoor use

This is great for the elderly because you want all bases covered. Not much more to be said here.

Wherever you think the cameras are needed you can put them there, both indoors and outdoors .

IP66 Weatherproof

This means that each one of the cameras has been blasted with 100 liters of water per minute for three minutes. It does not guarantee the integrity of the cameras in severe winds although provided you screw them in correctly, you shouldn’t have a problem in wind.

Motion Detection

The motion detector is pretty good. There are a few false alarms but not that many. It’s a passive detector so it doesn’t sense body heat meaning it can’t tell the difference between human movement and movement from objects falling down, for example. It is very sensitive though so it certainly won’t miss any important event.

When movement is detected, it will send a message to your phone and an email.

Just make sure your elderly relative has an alarm set on his or her phone that sounds off when a text comes through. Then she can go to either the phone or her computer monitor to see what’s going on inside the app.


The images are 720p and they look pretty good.

There’s 66 feet of vision both day and night and no major drop in quality when shifting between day vision and night vision.

The night vision comes on automatically as well. There is a 1080p option and you get get this by using the HDMI Port.

Final say?

The app is easy to navigate, the set-up is pretty quick and easy, and the pictures look nice. It’s also weatherproof and has a pretty good motion detection.

There’s even a VGA port for hooking this system up to a computer for larger screen viewing.

The only fault is that it doesn’t have a hard drive, but you can easily hook one up using the USB port.