Best Single Outdoor Security Camera Unit for Country Folk

For the country folks in particular, they are looking for a camera that has enough range to see across a long distance so that any land you own will be covered.

Some rural folks do not like lots of cameras on their property, so usually they prefer one camera that will cover the doorway and the immediate vicinity of the property without being too difficult to set up.

This PIPCAMHD45 HD 960p Commercial Weatherproof Outdoor Wireless IP Security Surveillance Camera 4x Optical Zoom by Pyle does all that and you can get it for a cost of well under $200 bucks.

This is the HD 960p Weatherproof Wireless IP Security Surveillance Camera, so if you’re living in the country and want to have the single best security camera, read on.

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  • Night vision
  • Pan, tilt, zoom
  • 4x optical zoom
  • HD 960p native resolution
  • Easy set-up
  • Weatherproof
  • Very functional app


  • No hard drive


As with most Wi-Fi systems it’s very easy to get going once you’ve set the camera in its place. The camera is pretty heavy though so be careful when you’re lifting it. Once you’ve done that you go online, download the app, fill in a few details and wait for your Wi-Fi to recognize it. The entire set up takes about 30 minutes.

How can it be so good with only a 68-degree lens?

Many of you will have noticed that but in this case it doesn’t really matter because the HD960p has PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) and that’ll give you the range of vision across your land that country folks will surely love.

You can operate the Pan, Tilt, Zoom in a number of ways. You can go to the app and set the camera to PTZ Patrol and it’ll move across an almost 360 degree angle until you instruct it to stop.

Or you can go to the app and manually turn the cam towards whichever direction you want to see. Whenever movement is detected, the camera will automatically move in the direction the movement came from and alert you by text or email. You can do all this from any location.

More about the Zoom

If you own an acre or more of land like many people in the country do, and you want to see into the trees on the outer border of your property. With a lot of cameras you get nice range but images can become distorted the further away they are. Naturally they also become smaller and therefore less visible.

The result is that you can’t see much. Fortunately, the HD960 has 4x optical zoom and when you operate this, there’s an auto-focus that will make something far away look as clear as it would be right up close.

It’s great for investigating something in the distance. Perhaps you heard something or just had a feeling something was there, that’s what this can be used for.

Is the picture any good?

The resolution is HD 960p, and this resolution is commonly found on CCTV cameras usually with a coaxial cable. In non-technical terms, you get about the same image clarity as 1080p. The difference is that you’ll see more vertical than with 1080p and less horizontal. The images seem to be pretty good especially when the zoom was applied.

They hold up well during the day and you’ll get a good view of everything going on around the camera. The images at night are equally good. There are 32 LED bulbs so it has light enough to show a good distance, even in total darkness. Whether day or night you’ll be able to cover easily the entire front of the house.

Is it weatherproof?

This is an all-season certified camera and that is achieved by design. There’s good stuff like tinted lenses to prevent sun distortion and the whole thing is housed in a very heavy duty shell that could withstand a hammer blow. It’s pretty heavy to lift though so be prepared for that.

The app

There’s not just the usual view live footage and look at recordings here. The PIPCAMHD45’s app is more than that. You can set your video recording to a schedule, and you might want to do that because for $160 bucks and change you don’t get a hard drive. You can also enable the PTZ Patrol and set your motion detection sensitivity.

The motion detection is interesting because you can adjust the sensitivity but the calibrations are already quite good so you’re not going to be getting many false alarms.

You can also use the two-way audio. The audio is very clear and due to really good and spacious speaker chambers. The sound is able to filter out easily. The two-way audio is great for speaking to the house while you’re at work. You can maintain a relationship with the family even when you’re not there and even speak to anyone who comes to the door.

What’s the verdict?

This is a very well-designed camera and it comes at the right price. Under $170, this is good for the 960p picture, and the 4x zoom. Especially as you can turn the camera, which increases the amount you’ll see. The auto-focus is excellent so the picture clarity is maintained even as you are zooming in. The heavy duty weatherproof nature of the camera makes it durable, and that’s another plus.

Overall, the PIPCAMHD45 HD 960p Commercial Weatherproof Outdoor Wireless IP Security Surveillance Camera 4x Optical Zoom by Pyle will do perfectly for those living in the country.