Best Camera Unit For City Slickers : Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

This website has reviewed the best single camera for the country folks (especially those who own acres of land).

Now, this article checks out the best single camera for the city slickers out there.

If you live in an apartment on a city street, you’ll want three things on a security camera.

1. Clarity.
2. Motion detection without the false alarms.
3. Remote access so that you can check out the house and still live that fast paced lifestyle that you love.

You don’t want range. Whats the point? It’s not like you have rolling hills outside so why pay extra money for range?

This article checks out The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera to see whether this is the best single camera for the city slickers.

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  • 1080p native resolution
  • 130 degree wide angled lens
  • Affordable price
  • Smart motion detection
  • Weatherproof
  • Terrific night vision
  • 2-way audio


  • No hard drive


It’s not as simple as Nest suggests it is but don’t worry, this article gets you covered.

  1. Sign up to the app and add your camera.
  2. Scan the QR Code3.
  3. Pick a name for your cam and plug it in.
  4. Wait for your Wi-Fi to recognize the camera/

And you’re ready to go.


You will get full 1080p here and the Nest Cam comes with a 130 degree wide angled lens so the field of vision is considerable.

If you place this on your door you’ll get completely clear pictures of the road outside, the lawn and the area around the 1st floor windows.

The images are very crisp and of the standard you’d get on a flat screen HDTV. And the night vision, which comes on automatically, is just as good as the day vision.

Motion Detector

Nest tries to get you to take a monthly Nest Aware Subscription. Warning: DON’T DO IT.

This subscription will give you person-specific alerts from the motion sensor, but you kind of already get that for free. The motion detector on the Nest contains smart technology so it’ll remember sounds it hears everyday.

It will only notify you when it hears an irregular sound accompanied by a movement it didn’t expect.

This means that even without the Nest Aware Subscription, you’re not going to get notifications and alarms for birds flying past or dogs crossing the street. But if a person comes to the door at an unusual time or an unusual noise is made then you’ll be notified right away. It’s excellent because it adapts to your lifestyle and gets to know your routine. It becomes part of the family and protects you.

2-way audio

Say you did get a notification because something unusual has happened.

For example: it’s an important parcel being delivered and you’re not in. You can get onto the app in seconds and use the 2-way audio. Tell the courier guy to leave the parcel around the back of the house for you to collect when you come home.

And that’s pretty useful. It’s even more useful for when the kids come home from school late and you can give them a good ticking off. You could talk to your spouse while you’re at work. Most of all, if a burglar comes to your home, you’ll get a notification and you can let him know you’ve called the police. He’ll usually run off quicker than Usain Bolt.


There’s no hard drive with this as you might expect for around $170 so you’ll want to buy one separately. They’re around $40 bucks for 1 TB of space and this will enable you to keep 1 month’s worth of 24/7 recordings.

You can get recording capabilities on the cloud with the Nest Aware subscription, but those monthly fees mount up so don’t do that (unless you really want to).

Look at it this way. You pay around $170 for the Nest Cam Outdoor and $40 more for the hard drive and you already have got an amazing system. The best single Cam outdoor system on the market for city slickers. Even without the hard drive they’ll let you look on the app at any footage captured in the last three hours. This is entirely free.


The Nest Cam is IP66 Weatherproof which means it’s been blasted with 100 liters of water per minute for three minutes and stood up to all of it. You can leave it out in the rain with no problems.


City slickers will surely love the The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera. The wide angled lens allows you to see across a vast area, and the motion detection is very smart. It will learn your movements and remember familiar sounds. If it hears something it hears everyday then it won’t bug you with an alarm. You’ll only get an alarm when something unusual happens.

And remember you get this smart detection for free so don’t have to take the monthly subscription package. Get a hard drive to go with it though because you still need to have the ability to record. Other than these issues, the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera is the best single Camera unit for city slickers, so far.