Best outdoor Security Camera System for country folk : QCam 3 Megapixel (2048×1536) 8ch Network POE Video Security System

This has got to be one the best outdoor security camera systems for the country folks.

Rural folks tend to have a little more space, as they own some big stretches of land, by acres

That’s why the first thing they need on a security camera. They also need clarity, and reliability. A different kind of camera than someone in a city apartment might need. The QCam 3 megapixel (2048×1536) 8ch Network POE Video Security System is priced at around $450 so it’s the best camera on offer right now for those who love in rural areas.

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  • Superb picture (2048×1536)
  • Great app
  • 2 TB hard built-in hard drive
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • 4 cameras
  • Expandable
  • 65 feet range
  • Good motion detectors


  • Difficult set-up (follow the instructions below)



The set-up is quite difficult, it makes you wish you had never bought this system. This is the only big problem of this system

The instruction book you get with it is confusing and the software is very hard to follow especially for first-timers.

But on the other hand, that’s kind of cool because all you do is throw away the book. Then go to Amcrest’s website where you can download the app and the viewer. Then all you gotta do is link up the cables, place the cameras and turn the power on.

What’s the clarity like?

You will get 2048×1536 native resolution here. If anyone thinks this is a strange resolution then you’re right. You won’t find this resolution on many pieces of equipment these days. It’s called an XGA resolution and it’s common on CRT monitors.

If that doesn’t shed any light for you, then you should know that it’s the same resolution you get on the iPad 3rd generation, It’s very good and has more pixels per square inch than 1080p HD.

The result is absolute clarity and no pictures lost between frames. Images have incredibly fine detail and you really can see even the smallest aspect of each person’s face. You should also know that this system is expandable to 8 cameras so if you had the need for more 2048×1536 cameras, then go for it.

What about the range?

You will get 65 feet of night vision and day vision on all four of these cameras. The night vision comes on automatically so you don’t have to spend time turning it on every time its gets dark.

It’s really the range combined with the resolution that makes this system the best on the market for country folk.

You can place one of these four cameras on each of the four corners of your home and hav 65 feet into the distance 360 degree view of your land. The wide angled lens on the cameras means there won’t be an inch not covered.

Can I record?

As you might expect for the price this system comes with a 2 TB hard drive that’s built in the system.

That’s enough for 2 months 24 hours a day recording.

That’s much more than you’ll ever need, but  a lot of folks like to keep recordings. You can view all the things you record on the app from anywhere in the world provided you have Internet.

What does the app do?

The app has lots of cool features like the ability to view live footage or recorded footage. You can even open up two windows and view live and recorded footage at the same time. You can pause, rewind, fast-forward or play live footage. Plus you can view any event that has triggered an alarm.

You will be receiving email and text messages whenever an alarm is triggered. When you get one of these you’ll wanna go to the app immediately and it’s compatible with Android, iOS devices, MAC or Windows browsers so whatever device you’re on you’ll have no trouble doing that.

This is not the kind of stuff you won’t find on the apps associated with other systems but the kind of clear images and range you’ll be viewing on the App are something special .

IP66 Weatherproof

You find this on most cameras and it’s rather good. It means the cameras have been sprayed or blasted with 100 liters of water per minute for 3 minutes. So it will stay strong in any rain storm, although during a hurricane we’d recommend removing the cameras outside and taking them into the house.

How is the motion detection?

The motion detector is pretty good. It’s not a smart sensor in that it doesn’t contain artificial intelligence that allows it do adapt to your routine. But you can cut out all those false alarms by turning down the sensitivity.

This way you won’t get an alarm triggered every time a bush blows in the wind. It certainly won’t miss anything.

Each camera has a passive sensor attached to it. This means your land is split into zones and movement within the zones sets off the alarm. You can set the motion detection to focus on individual zones like the doorsteps or windows, so the sensitivity here will be at max level. While for other zones the sensitivity can be lower. So ask yourself where on your property you’re most concerned about and increase security for those areas. Test the motion detection in each zone by simply getting out your phone, pulling up the app and moving about to set off an alarm.


It costs a chunk of change but it’s around about 450 bucks well spent. The 65-foot range is what seals the deal along with the image quality. If you live in the country and you got a couple of acres of land or just any open space detached property then 65 feet across four cameras is enough to cover the entire area.

You may get a range like this on some other systems, but looking out into the distance on them is often hard because the image quality deteriorates the further out you go. Here you get great detail with a seminal clarity. You can see the wing colors on a bird sitting in a tree 65 feet away.

The rest is just the icing on the cake. The range and picture is what you’re paying for. But the app performs well and gives you the ability to view recorded and live footage. Plus, the cameras can stand up to a heavy rain shower with no problems.

The motion detection allows you to switch sensitivity levels so you’re not inundated with false alarms, while still capturing any event you should be concerned about. The amount of recording space is good too because it means you won’t have to delete regularly.