Best Hidden Camera for Monitoring Babies and Nannies

It is only natural that parents only want the best for their children. But with many working parents around, they have no choice but to entrust their little children to their nannies to take care of them when they’re not in the house.

However, how can you be sure that this nanny will really take care of your baby? How can you be sure that your baby will be safe all by himself or herself?  There’s one sure way to find out: using a hidden camera for monitoring babies and nannies.

Of course, you want a hidden camera that has:

1. Great Picture
2. Recordings
3. A well-hidden one. Parents want to watch how their nannies and babysitters really behave while they’re not around.

Lots of parents are buying these hidden cameras and with that new popularity comes more releases. Right now there’s lots of hidden cameras on the market.

After going through some brands, this site has picked a great hidden camera. It’s not perfect so there’s a few problems with it that this article be pointing out. But overall. this is one top camera: the Conbrov DV9 HD Home Security Book Camera.


  • 1080p images
  • SD card recordings
  • Easy set-up
  • Body heat motion detection
  • Long battery life
  • Great recording options
  • Easily hidden
  • 15-25 feet of night vision


  • Audio is okay, but not great


The DV9 is not a wireless device so it needs to be plugged in. This is one of the problems implied in the introduction.

Solve it by locating a power source and running the wires round the back of anything (such as shelf or other types of furniture) so they can’t be seen.

Other than that the set-up is real easy. Once you turn the power on it’s completely calibrated and will start recording immediately.

The design

When you want to covertly monitor the baby and his/her nanny there are two ways you can go:

You can go with a camera that is so small that it can’t be seen with the naked eye unless you look real close. These represent half the market at the moment.

Equally popular are cameras that are large but look like things you’d expect to see in a house. The DV9 falls into this category. You may choose the DV9 is because if you need a hidden camera you’d rather want one that blends into the home.

The DV9 looks like a book. So much like a book that you can put it on a shelf and nobody would know. So it does the most important thing you’d want a hidden camera to do. It stays hidden. No one but you would know that it’s actually a camera.

What’s the picture like?

The resolution on the Camera is 1080p and the video footage is really good. It is clear in the day and in the night. Whether it’s dark or light you’re going to get good pictures.

In total darkness the night vision is excellent at up to 15-25 feet away.

It’s made to cover an entire room and it does the job. The angle on the lens is 75 degrees so if you place it near a corner of the room then nothing will be missed. That’s a pretty wide angle for a hidden monitoring camera.

Motion detection and recording

The motion detector is active rather than passive, which means it detects body heat. Not directly, but it senses the change in temperature that happens when anything with body heat walks into the room. Given that it detects body heat, it will never miss an event where a person is concerned.

When you’re assessing the conduct of a person dealing with your child you can’t afford an event to be missed. Now that you know about the motion detector you have two options:

1. You can set the unit to record whenever someone enters the room and to keep recording until they leave. So using this mode you’ll be recording the whole time they’re in the room with the baby.

2. You can set it to record constantly.

The best way to use this system is to record straight onto an SD card. You don’t get one with the purchase and that’s a total bummer but it does take cards with space of up to 64 GB. You can record on a loop until space on your card runs out, when it’ll record over the earliest footage. Or you can turn this off and it’ll simply stop recording when space runs out.

Battery life

The battery life is pretty long here. You will get up to 10 hours of power at night and up to 30 hours in the daytime. The batteries are rechargeable so you don’t have to go out everyday and buy them.


Record to SD card up to 64 GB and set it to record constantly or only during times when motion is detected. The motion detector is another great thing about this product. It actively seeks out and detects body heat so it can differentiate something living from something non-living. It won’t miss an occasion when a human being walks into the room.