Best Affordable Gun Safe for Dads

If you own a gun, you should look for a safe that will protect your weapon, as well as a safe that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

We know that you want a reasonably-priced but effective safe so that all of your dollars could get spent on bullets or any other accessories. If you still have got kids in the house, you will need a very good safe that will keep everyone’s hands off your weapons but yours.

The best affordable gun safe for dads with kids is the Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe, which we will be checking out.

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  • Impossible to pry
  • Solid steel
  • Very affordable
  • Inside light for pulling out guns in the dark
  • Strong
  • Looks very cool


  • Not biometric

This safe looks seriously cool

Okay, so a cool look doesn’t keep the kids out of the safe, it doesn’t make it stronger and it doesn’t make it more secure. But, it does make you feel like a real badass Dad every time you open the door.

How about the look? When you open the door you see your guns hanging down from the top, literally like a Navy Seal might have his weapons.

You can just pull them out if there’s a robbery and you’re armed and ready to go. There’s also a cool red light that comes on when you open the door. In short, the inside of this safe feels like something in a movie.

The light is not just for aesthetic factor

Aside from looking great, the light also allows you to pull out specific guns in the dark.

Burglars will most likely be inside the home when it’s dark so this addition is functional as well as totally cool-looking.

Spring loaded door

Further adding to your new “badass Dad” status, they’ve added a spring loaded door that pops open real fast when you enter your code.

You just have to type in that code. The door bolts open, the red light comes on, and three guns hanging down.

You’re pulling them out like a government agent. The manufacturer wrote on their website that the whole thing was designed by tactical experts, so that’s believable


The dimensions are: 9 inches by 9 inches by 12 inches. It will fit five handguns inside, with three hanging down from the top and two laid out in the bottom.

This is a pretty good size and if you are defending your family from violent intruders you’ll want a safe that can hold multiple guns.

The hangers are large enough to hold any small to medium-sized handgun. It will hold a Glock 19 with a streamlite with no problems.

How secure is it?

The safe has the Anti-Pry Tabs, making it impossible to pry. So it’s safe from the burglar’s (as well as your kids’) reach.

The locking latch is pretty strong too and it would take huge power for it to be busted open. They’ve constructed this thing out of heavy steel and it looks like a heavy duty product. It weighs 15 pounds too and that’s a good sign when you’re dealing with steel.

Opening the door

The only thing lacking about this safe is that it’s not biometric. Some gun owners might prefer a biometric safe because a lot of people have trouble remembering a code. A code is just one more thing you have to carry around with you.

It ticks every other box for being the best affordable gun safe for dads.

The price is great at $130. It’s strong, it’s secure, and the design is quite cool. But you have to type in a code. That being said, you do get a real fast entry into this safe. Just type in your six digit code, push the button, and the door flips straight open with the light turning on.

The verdict?

The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe is very secure especially from prying. Plus, it’s made out of heavy duty steel. It’s not the kind of safe you can just drop and it wrecks itself open. It’s also not the kind of safe you can bash open easily. So it’s safe from children’s reach, and it would take a lot of time for burglars to break this safe open by beating it.

The red light just makes the whole thing look even cooler. It’s even worth having to enter in a code instead of just putting your finger on glass.