Bayit Cam Pro Full 1080p

There’s no “half way” with home security. Cameras are no exception to that rule. So cameras that are priced $50 should be avoided because they’re not really worth it.

You get a lot promises, and a lot of big oversells, but not much in terms of actual home security.

The Bayit Cam Pro Full 1080p is one of the classic examples of how cost-cutting to reach a low price results in a substandard product. Please don’t buy this. Here’s why and how:

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Good news first

The good news is the bright daytime picture quality. In a brightly lit room the 1080p and images appear detailed and clean. Not many cameras in this price-range offer a better picture than this one on a sunny day.

There’s a good wide angle on the lens too so if you place this in a room, you will get wall to wall coverage.

It’s not 1080p as you know it though. It’s not as good as that. 1080p is the native resolution and that’s the number of pixels on screen. The inner workings of the camera determine the quality of those pixels and overall picture quality. They’ve gone with a cheap color wheel here so while the picture is great, it’s a little less than the 1080p you know and love.

The light issue

When there’s a lot of light in the room you’re fine.

If the sun goes in at any point during the day you’re likely to get distorted images.

On a really dim day you’ll get no images at all. This camera needs lots of light to work.


There’s no book here — only a three-page pamphlet but no instruction book. Manufacturers assume you know about this kind of stuff already and some of you probably do. But then, others don’t.

Fortunately, it’s pretty simple, although it would have been nice to supply you with a customer service number at least.

First you have to download the app and fill in your details. Then plug the camera into your router, and wait. Within a few minutes you should be up and running. Not too bad.

Pan and tilt camera for less than $50

It sounds like a ridiculously great deal, right? But instead of scanning around the room, the camera will stop in one place and then re-start. No matter what you do it will just keep on stopping.

You can even try doing the whole set-up process again, but then it will just stop in different places.

Actually,  scanning across a whole room is as time-consuming as rewinding through an old VHS tape, which is slightly annoying.

Night vision

This is just as annoying. They’ve described the night vision as infrared and clear, which is actually not the case.

When it gets dark the images become slower and in many cases the one side of the screen appears really bright while the other half is incredibly dim. This would be no good for identifying a threat.

The router problem

This one is somewhat strange. If you place your router in a different room or on a different floor to your camera, then it’s going to keep shutting off.

It shuts off like it’s out of the Wi-Fi range, when it’s really not.

This is something that’s unexplainable and the result is that you have to position the camera carefully or re-position your router.

Motion detection

It’s way too good, which means is that this motion sensor must have been configured by someone who had too much coffee. Take it straight out of the box, and it will send you a notification because of a change in light. Even turning on the TV can result in a notification.

If you keep the settings this high you’ll be getting 100 notifications everyday. Which is time-consuming. So you have to go to the settings and turn the sensitivity down. Even after doing this though, you’ll still be getting lots of false alarms and there are no snapshots on the notifications. So, if you’re at work, you might have to go to the app at least 10 times a day to see whats going on. Chances are it was dog passing by or curtains blowing in the wind.

The app

You can go to the app from anywhere in the world to view live footage of your home. This is pretty standard on devices like this. You can also record to SD card and view those.

You can pan and tilt too on the app but then you got put up with all that annoying stopping and starting.

And if the lights are low in your home you’re probably not going to see anything. But, on a bright day you’ll be able to have a look at your home while you’re away and even talk to the house. The sound is not completely clear and in many cases it’s very distorted but speaking and hearing is possible.

The verdict

There’s just too much wrong with this camera system.

Good points

  • The daytime picture
  • Short set-up

Bad points

  • Hyperactive motion detection
  • Hardly any good night vision
  • Jumpy pan and tilt
  • The router problem

Most people don’t want to get bothered by tons of notifications about ordinary non-threatening things either. Most people also want to place their camera anywhere in the home instead of right next to their router. Too many problems, so avoid buying this product.