Barska Biometric Safe


While most of us don’t have all the wealth in the world, we have our important and precious personal possessions and we want to keep them safe.

And although we don’t have a lot of space, we need something that will slot into the house to secure our valuables. And that’s where we want a safe that’s:

1. Strong
2. Compact
3. Difficult to break into

What’s the point in getting a safe if it doesn’t have these vital requirements, right? This article reviews the Barska Biometric Safe to see if this is going to be the best best in safes.

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  • Good steel
  • Biometric
  • 30 fingerprint memory
  • Practically impossible to pick
  • Can be mounted
  • Cheap
  • Two strong bolts


  • Glass needs wiping after every use


This safe has exterior measurements of: 16.5 inches by 7.75 inches by 14.5 inches. And the inner measurements are: 16.25 inches, by 7 inches, by 14.25 inches.

That’s large enough to fit your handguns inside plus some important papers, books, passports, cash and some jewelry.

It won’t take up too much space in the living room or bedroom but it will allow you to lock away those vital possessions.

Build Quality

Barska Biometric Safe

The weight here is 28 pounds out of the box. That’s a pretty big weight for a safe this size. That indicates this safe is made out of top quality steel.

There’s a lot of safes in the $100-$200 dollar bracket that are made out of cheap low-grade Steel. But while this one is priced at around $150, it’s got a much better quality build than its rivals.

If size doesn’t matter, what’s the security like?

The Barska Biometric Safe has two massive deadbolts in the door stopping any efforts to pull the door open. And, being a biometric safe there’s no outward locking mechanism so picking the lock is almost impossible. With the strong steel it would be equally unlikely to open when dropped.

So the only possible way this could be broken into is with a crowbar around the hinges. But even this is unlikely to work because the hinges are not visible and there is only a tiny gap between the edge of the door and the outer wall of the safe. So we’d say that this safe will keep your prized possessions safely and securely.


Don’t worry if you can’t remember which finger you used because the safe can remember up to 30 separate fingerprints. This means other family members, provided you trust them, can have access to the safe, or you could just commit all the fingers on your own hands to the memory.

Some issues

The glass needs a quick wipe after every use because biometric safes like this one tend to retain the print of your finger, which can make everything look cloudy.

If someone (such as your kid) comes in straight after you’ve used it and applies pressure on the glass you haven’t wiped, he can get in.

That’s an inside tip which most safe companies will deny. And it takes 4 AA Batteries which tend to run down quicker than most safes. These will need replacing four times a year. You will hear three bleeps and a red light will flash when the batteries are low.

Does it mount?

To prevent thieves from taking the safe with them you want to mount it.

Mount it to the wall to save space. It comes with all the hardware needed to do this, but you all need to drill a hole which is something Barska doesn’t mention on their website.


The double-bolted doors are a good feature, as well as the thick bolts. These are the factors why the Barska Biometric Safe is a cut above the other affordable small home safes.

Another good thing about this safe is that it can’t be easily opened with a crowbar.

For this price, the quality of the steel is quite high, and that’s impressive. The 30-print fingerprint memory is another plus as well.

One quick wipe is enough. Other than this you got an out-of-this-world amazing safe and this will be perfect for people with a few prized possessions.