BARSKA Biometric Safe Review Article

As said before in other safe articles — the safe is your last line of defense. You might have your barricades up, but your defenses where stormed, what are you going to do now?  You are going to try to limit what can be taken from your home.

You want a safe you can store and hide all your most prized assets in, and the safe you want is different from everybody.

It depends on what you want and need to store and how much stuff you have got. In this article,the BARSKA Biometric Safe is given the assessment here. It costs just over $200 bucks which is half the price of many safes in the market. But will it be worth your money? Will it protect your valuables as it should? Let’s find it out here.

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  • Stores 120 fingerprints
  • Quite big
  • Looks good
  • Affordably priced
  • Thick steel
  • Heavy bolt
  • Can be bolted to the floor


  • Slight risk of drilling the handle-lock


They called it the “Large Biometric Safe,” because compared to the previous models BARSKA has made, it has quite a considerable size. It’s a few inches larger than their Biometric Safe and is almost double the size of the Top Opening Biometric Safe. But how big is that compared to what you can get on the market for around this price? Well, it’s average-sized so there are some bigger safe but there are also safes of the same price that are a lot smaller than this.

Perhaps the name was misleading because it might have suggested to potential buyers that they’re getting something gigantic, which they’re not.

Still, at 14.3 inches by 13 inches by 19.75 inches, you’ll be able to fit most of your jewelry, paperwork and some guns up in here.


The weight of a safe tells a story. Manufactures can do the whole sales routine with you and try to make out that their safe is the best thing ever, but following the golden rule will prevent you from being disappointed. The golden rule is to always look for the weight first.

The steel is heavy. The more of it they use the higher the weight. So don’t listen to anything else but the weight.

This safe weighs 48.5 pounds which, safe to say, is a fair amount of metal. The structure is sound. It looks strong and certainly can’t be hit open in with a heavy object unless someone strikes it about 50 times straight. Given its design and the very small gaps, there’s also very little chance of getting a crowbar in so prying this safe open is going to be next to impossible.


As for the lock, there’s good news and also bad news. The good new first: the safe has a big thick bolt that keeps the door shut, sitting behind the handle. It’s thick enough to prevent entry by hitting straight through the door. It can’t be shaken open either, unlike some cheap bolts.

Now, the bad news is that its a handle-turn, which poses a risk of drilling. It would take some skill for the burglars, but handle-turn can be drilled open.

Floor bolting

Given the risk of drilling, BARSKA has taken action. They’re allowed you to bolt this safe to the floor. Most home invaders aren’t going to attempt drilling in the home or on commercial premises. Takes too much time, so the possibility of getting caught increases. They’ll try to take it with them if they want to drill. All the stuff you need to Bolt this thing to the floor is included in the box. Burglars could still pull the Bolt up but this is unlikely.

This feature means the problem of handle-turn Locks has somewhat been mitigated.

Fingerprint open

Just place your finger on the fingerprint scanner to open the safe. It’s a pretty quick recognition too. You can store up to 120 fingerprints on here as well. That’s huge. There aren’t many safes on the market that allow you to store that many. Some advice would be to take prints from every finger on both your hands and then get family members to do the same. Whoever you trust to have access to the safe.


The number of fingerprints it holds is a bit too much at 120, but perhaps this safe is designed for big families? You would never know. But most people won’t need to log on all those prints though.

The size is good too, but it’s not as huge as the name would suggest. You can store a lot of stuff though such as important papers, jewelry and even some guns.