ANNKE 8-Channel HD-TVI 1080P Lite Video Security System

There are lots of these pieces of home security equipment on the market: DVR, cameras, remote viewing, and many more. They practically look the same, at least on appearances alone. But if you look closer, there are actually tons of differences. Pixel count is one, and the number of cameras is another.

There are big differences in price too, so this article reviews a home security system that’s priced at $100 and below and provides you a peek on what it can do.

We’ll give you a hint, though: this is not the “ultimate” home security system for that price but there are some excellent products that’ll make your home that bit more secure.

The ANNKE 8-Channel HD-TVI 1080P Lite Video Security System DVR can grab your attention right away because it has eight cameras and honestly, you don’t usually see that many cameras in this price range. Check this product out by reading the specifications and functions below.

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  • 8 cameras
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • Night vision
  • Great remote viewing
  • Motion detection with snapshots


  • As a cabled system, its set-up can take a bit long


The set-up takes a little more time than the Wi-Fi systems because you have to run the 60-feet cable around to wherever you’re putting the cameras at. It can be done easily without professional help although you’re looking at around 20 minutes to half an hour before you get footage. This is a standard set-up for a cabled system.

The cameras

Eight cameras sounds a great deal — they’re just for around $190 but don’t expect them to be full 1080p HD. They’re 720p and for this price range that’s pretty good. If you had a bit more money then you could pay double and get 1080p cameras. In fact, ANNKE makes an eight-camera unit for around $270 with 1080p included.

But If you are happier in this price range of just over $90 bucks then you’ll be glad to know they also have a 66-foot range.

Many people have seen longer than 66 feet, but for double the money. 66 feet is a good distance though and for most people that’s enough. You can place the cameras indoors or outdoors. If they’re outdoors the range will cover most of your land. They’re all static so there’s no pan, tilt and zoom but the sheer number will be more than you need for both indoors and outdoors. Overall, the cameras are good and you’ll be satisfied with them.

IP66 weatherproof

IP66 means each camera has been tested for three minutes with 100 liters per minute of water thrown at them. The cameras will also do fine during rainstorms.

So it means they’ll be fine in any rainstorm but if you live in an area with lots of tornadoes and hurricanes then you’d best take them inside before one hits.

Always make sure you screw the cameras down tight so that they remain in place during heavy wind.

Night vision

The night vision also goes out to 66 feet and pictures remain just as clear as in the day. There are no major distortions or disruptions that you might have noticed on other systems and the night vision comes on automatically.

There have been instances of the night vision coming on early especially on cloudy days and while this is a problem because it’s not supposed to happen, it certainly doesn’t affect its overall experience.


Unfortunately and as is often the case with these low-priced systems, you don’t get a hard drive or any other means of recording. You have to buy a separate hard drive. What does this mean for price? It’s means will need to pay an extra $40 or $50 for that Hard Drive which puts the total price here at around $130-$140. Still, it’s a good deal, given that this system already has eight cameras.

Remote viewing

The remote viewing is one of the best in this system. Many people hate to having to scroll back on the app through hours of recorded footage to one event.

For instance, your house gets broken into and you need to find an event quickly. Or let’s just say you lost your car keys and you need to see if you put them down somewhere. You need fast detective work from a unit… which you’ll get from ANNKE.

There’s a special search icon that enables you to pinpoint specific events and go straight to them. Plus, you can do all of the regular stuff like watch live and recorded footage from all eight cameras. You can play, rewind, fast forward and pause, all from the app.

Motion detector

It’s a passive detector and you find these on most low-priced systems. They are prone to false alarms so people should go and adjust the configuration settings so that the detection is less sensitive. Otherwise, it will send you a notification every time there’s movement in the house no matter how small and insignifcant.

If you have pets left in the house, this will get very annoying. The best you can do is to turn down the sensitivity and you’re good. You do get snapshots of events with the notifications so you’ll be able to see on your phone what exactly happened. Not all systems have this and it means you can establish easily whether it’s a false alarm or whether you’ve been broken into. This way, you’re not calling the police every five minutes.


The ANNKE 8-Channel HD-TVI 1080P Lite Video Security System doesn’t have a hard drive so you have to ask yourself if you have the time to go shopping around for one. If you do, then there could be a good deal here for you. $130 to $140, including the separate hard drive, is still a good going for what you get.