When Should You Call Your Miami Boating Accident Lawyer?

Miami is a highly sought-after destination for boating, mainly because of its numerous water bodies and the fascinating Atlantic Ocean. According to official findings, 38% of personal watercraft accidents occurred in Miami in 2020. The city had five fatalities in the same year and was ranked second for accident rates among other counties. While accidents are often unpredictable, claiming adequate compensation is not. But that can only happen when you have a reliable Miami Boating Accident Lawyer by your side. Although you should contact your lawyer immediately after an accident, there are times when their assistance is indispensable. What are some of those situations? Find out.

The Boat’s Owner Does Not Have Any Insurance

Florida law does not require the boat owner to have boat insurance. That is where things can get complicated. In such circumstances, you should call your boating accident lawyer right away since they will navigate the course toward damage claims. In the absence of insurance providers, you can file a lawsuit right away and take legal action if you can prove that your injuries were caused by negligence by the other person.

Negligence was the Cause of the Accident

The boating laws of Florida also have a provision for reckless and careless operation. It states that any individual who operates the boat with utter disregard for others’ safety or property will be booked under a “first-degree misdemeanor.” Drivers should pay attention to boat traffic, existing restrictions, and other safety-related rules. You will need the help of your attorney to prove wilful negligence and claim adequate compensation.

The vehicle was Not Registered

All vehicles that run on Florida’s waterways should be registered, according to Chapter 328 of the Florida Statutes. The boat should be reported within 30 days after it has been purchased, while the numbers should be mentioned and visible on the forward half. Possessing an unregistered vehicle is an offense, and you can make damage claims against it through your attorney.

Operating at a High Speed

There are specific speed restrictions in place that boat operators should follow at all times. For instance, riders should maintain a minimum speed at a speed zone designated as idle speed, no wake. In any case, the owner should observe the speed limit to ensure the safety of other vessels. If a speeding boat causes you injury or harm in any way, you have the right to take that person to court. Your lawyer will chalk out the details and ensure that you receive justice.

The Operator of the Boat was Intoxicated

Owners boating while being intoxicated is an offense of the highest degree under Florida law. An individual is presumed to be inebriated when the blood alcohol level in the body exceeds 0.08%. If the vehicle operator is under 21 years of age and has more than 0.02% alcohol in his body, it will be considered a violation of the law. These cases are relatively straightforward since there are various physical and sobriety tests to determine the level of alcohol in their blood.

These are some of the situations where you will have to hire a Miami boating accident lawyer. It would be wise to call your attorney regarding boat-related accidents immediately since the compensation and damage claims require specific knowledge and expertise.