When Should You Call A Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney that provides legal representation to individuals who claim they were injured emotionally or physically because of the negligence of another individual, company, or organization. Personal injury lawyers mainly practice in the field of personal injury law, also known as tort law. This form of law is often used to resolve disputes between individuals and entities.

Most personal injury cases that require a court action are brought against another individual or business. In many instances, individuals filing for these types of cases claim they were injured on the job, at home, at a nursing home, in the hospital, at school, on the highway, or in any other location.

Learn the best time to call a personal injury lawyer by reading the circumstances below.

What Is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury attorneys provide legal representation to their clients on a case by case basis. An experienced personal injury attorney will understand the nature of your case and will be able to explain the process to you in a way that you will understand. He or she will also take into consideration the facts surrounding your case in order to provide you with the best possible outcome possible.

Some personal injury attorneys are also called personal injury solicitors and they are paid to act on behalf of their clients. While this type of lawyer generally charges a flat fee, it is possible to receive additional compensation if you win your case or receive a settlement in excess of the actual fees you are charged. If you are unable to meet with your financial obligations as outlined in your contract, you may need to find another attorney who specializes in your type of injury.

When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Check the following scenarios when it’s time to contact a personal injury lawyer.

Injured in the Workplace 

When you are receiving medical bills that have been paid for by your workers’ compensation benefits, you need to find out if you can continue to pay them on a monthly basis or if you will need to call the personal injury lawyers Alvine Weidenaar or other local personal injury lawyers. The law regarding this type of coverage varies from state to state, so it is important that you find out when you should contact an attorney.

Your workers’ compensation benefits are typically paid out on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis. If you are receiving benefits from your employer and the amount that they pay out is less than the actual benefits you receive from the workers’ comp policy, it may be best to continue paying your benefits on a regular basis. 

Check the following facts about workplace accidents and the role of a lawyer in workers’ compensation:

  • It may be more beneficial to consult with a lawyer in the event that your insurance companies are attempting to delay making a final decision on your claims. In some instances, companies will try to delay issuing payments on time or at the last minute so that you will not get the benefits you deserve.
  • You should contact a workers’ compensation lawyer if you believe that your company is trying to stop you from receiving benefits or to delay making payments on your benefits.
  • Some states have enacted laws that make it illegal for medical bill collectors or collection agencies to call a patient’s home or office unless there is a medical emergency. If your health insurance company refuses to assist you in making any type of claims, contact a workers’ compensation attorney. You should also contact a lawyer if you think that collection agents are harassing you or threatening to call medical providers if you do not accept payments in full.
  • It is also important to keep track of all the money you have received as medical benefits. Contact your workers’ compensation attorney and have all of your checks sent directly to your home or work if you receive any medical benefits through your work. Do not cash these checks until you have contacted the workers’ comp attorney.
  • It is also important to have your workers’ compensation lawyer file for you to be able to collect benefits. You should contact your lawyer if you think that you may be entitled to more benefits than you should. 

When You’re Involved in a Fatal Car Accident 

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When you are involved in a fatal auto accident, like a rollover or head-on collision, it is easy to become frustrated because you want to know what to do next. If you were to call a local car accident lawyer, however, you would not only be better prepared for the process but also more likely to get the results you are looking for.

Not all personal injury lawyers are the same, so it is important that you research the many different types of lawyers who specialize in car accident cases. By doing this you will be able to find a qualified professional who understands the legal process.

Check the following information about hiring a car accident lawyer:

  • For one thing, knowing how to file a claim with your insurance company for car crash injury and other damages can make all the difference. Because of that, it’s important to retain a good personal injury attorney immediately after the incident in order to level the legal playing field.
  • The most important thing that you can do when you call a professional car accident attorney is to talk about the injury that was suffered during the accident. You should also describe the physical condition that you currently have. Also, make sure to mention any medications you may be taking as well as any health conditions.
  • Many insurance companies offer settlements to their clients who are in need of assistance and one reason why they do this is to save money. If you choose a car accident lawyer early on it makes the entire process easier on both parties. By contacting a car accident lawyer, you will not have to pay an arm and a leg out of pocket.

Victim of Nursing Home Abuse or Negligence

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While security measures are set in place, nursing home abuse still happens. Many people wonder how to hire a lawyer when suspecting nursing home abuse or neglect. Nursing home abuse is a serious matter and should be taken very seriously, especially if it involves the mistreatment of an elderly person who is already suffering from mental or physical illness.

When a resident of a nursing home suffers injuries while in the care of others, it is difficult for them to sue their former caregiver for the negligence that they believe was involved in their injuries. However, they can hire a lawyer who has expertise in the field of nursing home law to defend their case. This type of lawyer has the skills, knowledge, and training that it takes to help their client win the lawsuit.

Check the things you should know about nursing home abuse or negligence:

  • The first thing that you need to do when you suspect that your loved one has been mistreated in a nursing home is to report the situation to the local nursing home administrator. They are responsible for investigating any complaints made against the facility. You should ask for a copy of any complaints that you have received in regard to your loved one.
  • After receiving your complaint, you will then need to find an attorney who has experience in the area of nursing care. This includes the law regarding negligence and other types of civil action. Your attorney will look at the case objectively to determine if there is any merit to your accusations. They will then review the complaint and the facts surrounding the incident in order to determine whether or not the charges are true.
  • It is important to hire a lawyer who specializes in these issues as it is possible for the charges against the facility to be based on negligence, which does not involve any negligence on the part of the staff. There may be other legal issues that may arise which may require another lawyer to handle your case but, in the majority of cases, you will need to retain your own legal representation in order to win your case against the nursing home.


Personal injury lawyers can help in different cases of tort depending on their specialties. Car accident lawyers are experienced in protecting people from traffic accidents that cause injuries or even death. If you have been involved in an auto accident and are not sure whether you have a case or whether you have a strong case, you should talk to a car accident lawyer as soon after the accident as possible. When you need help with a workers’ comp claim, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get the benefits that you need to cover for your damages, like lost hours. And, if there is a good chance that your loved one was mistreated in a nursing home, the odds are pretty good that you will be awarded damages for your loss if you get the assistance of a lawyer specialized in elder abuse and nursing home abuse. A personal injury lawyer can handle all of these types of personal injury cases and more. Look into your local personal injury lawyer if you’re in a situation where you could use some legal assistance.