The Right Approach to Defending Your Unlawful Use of Weapon (UUW) Case

Carrying a firearm or weapon is not something to be taken lightly. Although the Second Amendment of the US Constitution gives US Citizens the right to bear weapons, it comes with strict regulations, and they vary from state to state.

For example, in Chicago, Illinois, residents have to comply with the Concealed Carry Act and must have a permit to carry a gun. Not having the permit means you could be facing charges about unlawful use of a weapon.

You could be fined and jailed if the charges are proven true. Only a Chicago criminal defense attorney will be able to help you with the right approach to defending yourself in a UUW case. Here is how.

1. Establishing You Are the Owner

According to Illinois laws, every gun owner must carry the Firearm Owner’s Identification Card or FOID. You might have this card, but it was not on your person when the firearm was confiscated from you. Your attorney will be able to produce the necessary details when you have been detained and could help establish you are the owner.

2. Not Aware of Gun Rules

A person traveling from outside Chicago and the rest of Illinois might not be aware of the strict regulations regarding possession of firearms. Certain states are quite easy going when it comes to gun laws and possessing other forms of weapons, and you might not have realized that the rules change as soon as you enter Illinois.

Over 8300 illegal firearms were recovered in Chicago in 2018, making the police department more alert to catch the offenders. You might not have any wrong intentions, but you might still be charged if the weapon is discovered and reported. It is always better to approach an attorney since you are unaware of Chicago regulations in this case.

3. Using Gun for Self Defense

You could be using a gun for self-defense, but then you need to prove it in court. Why did you think there was a threat to your life that you felt was justified to carry a gun without a prior permit?

At this point, there could also be a background check if the authorities try to ascertain whether you have ever been charged for misdemeanors before. Records will be pulled up about your prior convictions if any. If self-defense is the issue, the attorney will be able to provide the circumstantial evidence proving your innocence.

4. Possession of a Silencer

Sometimes, possessing a silencer could also lead to charges against you under UUW Act. It implies that although you do not have the gun with you, you were procuring a silencer to hide your crimes when you did try to shoot someone.

The authorities could issue a search warrant against you to find out if guns and other firearms are on the premises. You would have to build a solid case to justify why you had the silencer, and a Chicago lawyer will be able to present your case in the best possible light.

A Chicago criminal defense attorney will know the right approach to your case, depending on the charges brought against you. Even if you are not completely acquitted, they will bring down the penalties as much as possible so that you can get away with minimum consequences.