Securing Your Big Dog and Yourself Against Tragedy and Lawsuits

Contrary to popular belief, big dogs are often the nicest and the gentlest of giants. Take the Great Dane for example, which lives a short but extremely sweet life with its family, and is seldom associated with a bite. However, not every large dog is as friendly as the Great Dane, and the contrast between what they were originally bred to do, and what they are supposed to be doing now may create complications that might just land you and your beloved canine friend in a lot of trouble.

On that note, let us now take a look at a few methods in which you can save both your dog and yourself from getting into all that trouble to begin with.

Put in the Right Fencing

A Great Dane or a newfoundland can easily climb over regular fences and start exploring the neighborhood on their own. Now, it should be noted that the chances of your dog biting someone without sufficient provocation is very small, but it can happen, and when a 90-pound, extremely strong German shepherd does decide to get aggressive, it doesn’t bode well for the person on the receiving end of that attack.

However, much more commonly, dogs that climb over regular fencing and start exploring will either be stolen, involved in a car accident, or may simply get lost. As neither of the scenarios are desirable, check out this article on fencing for big dogs, that was published on Northland Fence, specifically regarding this topic. It provides guidance towards choosing the length, the material and even some practical tips on other aspects of putting in a fence in the first place.

Get Your Dog Trained

The German shepherds and the Doberman pinschers were not bred to live as household pets only. They used to herd sheep, assist in hunting and provide protection from intruders. They still possess those qualities as those innate instincts are embedded in their genes.

It’s good news mostly for the family, but unless they are properly trained, some of those instincts might take over, resulting in the mailman or a guest getting bitten. Contact your local dog trainer and make sure they are not using violent means, as it only makes the dog anxious and more aggressive.

Keep them on a Leash When Walking Them

When a big dog is being walked in the park and it comes across a small dog or a cat, it may decide to attack it. This doesn’t always happen, and most dogs are very friendly to each other, irrespective of their size, but bigger dogs killing smaller dogs is nothing new. To avoid such dreadful scenarios with both smaller dogs and cats, always keep your big dog on a leash when you are walking them outside your premises.

It is very rarely a dog’s fault when someone gets bitten, but irrespective of whose fault it is, it could lead to the pet being euthanized. Therefore, take the precautions and prevent the chances of such a sad situation from ever arising in the first place.