Joey Horn Continues To Make A Big Impact

It is no mystery or secret that many women across the globe continue to face many trials and tribulations of many kinds. Oftentimes, this may come in the form of poverty or inequality. However, one will be happy to know that there are those who are dedicated to being a champion and a defender of women’s rights. One of those champions is Joey Horn.

Joey Horn has been a leader in terms of promoting female empowerment through her work in several charitable organizations. She assisted many women through her work in an organization known as Mothers2Mothers. Mothers2Mothers is geared towards fighting the AIDS epidemic in Africa by providing resources and opportunities for women. Joey Horn’s contribution to the organization has helped Mothers2Mothers achieve their goals.

Joey Horn has also dedicated herself to championing children’s causes. Through her work with Restore The Music UK, Horn helped the organization to provide children with musical instruments and tuition assistance to educational music programs. Additionally, Horn has leveraged her platform to bring awareness to the causes of women and children on a more global scale.

Horn has a notable and extensive career background. After graduating from Williams College in 1987, Horn would find herself in many administrative roles. She was a director at financial planning at Saks Fifth Ave as well as a VP at Credit Suisse First Boston. She even served as a director at Asia Offshore Drilling Limited.

Joey is a huge fan of contemporary art. She also remains active by playing sports such as golf and tennis. She continues to be active on many alumni committees at Williams College.