How to Defend Your Home During Periods of Civil Unrest

We are living in uncertain times. The pandemic has caused considerable chaos in recent months and combined with widespread protests in support of George Floyd, it’s not surprising many Americans are looking at how they can defend their home and family in the event of a breakdown in civil order.

Civil unrest can take many forms. Organized protests often end in violence as coordinated groups provoke a police response and looting begins. Even normal large gatherings that are seemingly peaceful can get out of hand when a few agitators spur violence and are met with armed resistance. Right now, this is the main cause of civil unrest, but with an election looming and tensions running high, we can expect a lot more unrest in the months to come.

It’s always good to be prepared, just in case your home is affected by mass demonstrations, rioting, looting, and worse. Whilst it’s uncommon for ordinary citizens to be caught up in such events., it can and does happen.

Defend Your Home and Family

Homeowners need to tackle the problem from two angles. The first is to defend your physical home, and the second is to defend the people living in that home. Naturally, your first priority is to protect your family by making your home a less desirable target.

First things first, don’t draw attention to your home. Park expensive vehicles out of sight and remove high-value items from the front yard. Fix security lighting around the perimeter of your property, as bright lights will deter people from attempting to break in. Security cameras are also a must-have. That way you can monitor the situation from inside your home without placing yourself or family members in danger.

Protect the Perimeter

Make sure doors and windows are impenetrable where possible. Metal security shutters will deter people from trying to gain entry via a window. Keep doors and windows locked at all times and don’t leave spare keys in obvious locations, such as under a plant pot. Deadbolts are a must-have for external doors. Reinforced doors with metal panels will keep most people out. Another good strategy is to plant spiky plants under windows.

Dogs are a great deterrent. Small yappy dogs will alert you if someone is on the property. Large, aggressive dogs are likely to deter all but the most determined individuals.

Security alarms can offer an early warning system. It might not help you during periods of serious civil unrest, but at least you’ll know if someone is trying to break in and can be prepared.

Weapon Up

Don’t forget to invest in some weapons too. Keep guns in different rooms, so you always have a weapon close at hand. The MCK Gen 2 from is a handy conversion to have, as it improves accuracy and lets you shoot at a longer distance – you won’t need to get too close to any assailants.

Nobody is suggesting you turn your home into a fortress or survivalist bunker, but it’s a good idea to be armed and well-prepared, just in case!