How Can You Choose A Criminal Lawyer in Sydney?

Sexual assault impacts the victim badly. But if you have, for any reason, been wrongly accused of such a crime, you have to undergo mental and social turmoil, which is no less than the victim.

People will look down upon you; many will stop talking to you, you may lose your business or job, family, and respect in the community. It can be traumatic and distressing. Most wrongful convictions occur due to weak circumstantial evidence.

The NSW government allows defendants the right to have the best criminal lawyer Sydney represent them against such allegations.

Read on to know how to hire the right one. Meanwhile, if you want help from an experienced private investigator, click the link.

Check for Experience

Ask the firm’s representative for how many years they have been successfully helping people charged with sexual crimes or how many cases have they won where the client was in a similar position as you are.

If you have to register your name in the NSW sex offenders’ register, you can well imagine how it will impact your freedom and life. The law firm you hire must be aware of the type of criminal charges you are facing so that they can steer you out of a sentence.

Or else, as per the latest Act in 2008, you may have to serve non-parole periods of a maximum of fifteen years for aggravated sexual assault and ten years for non-aggravated sexual assault.

Read Reviews and Testimonials from Previous Clients

When hiring a sex crimes lawyer, you must know how the law firm handled such cases before. Read reviews by former clients to learn about the case results. Check Google reviews or Yelp to see what past clients have to say about them.

Learn if they practice in Local Court

Having experience fighting sex crime cases is one thing, but in NSW, the law firm needs to have experience in the Local Court as the accused person will first go there. The Magistrate reconsiders if the accused will be granted or refused a bail plea depending on whether he adhered to the bail conditions.

You may have to return to the court several times to understand what will happen with the case. If the lawyer is acquainted with the staff and how the prosecutors and judges operate, he will give you a significant advantage.

See how fast they respond

When you call the office for the first time, see how easy it is to get hold of a lawyer. Did they ask you to leave a message, or did they answer your queries directly over the phone? If the lawyer was not present when you called, did he call you back promptly, or did you have to wait a long while for a response?

The lawyer should respect your needs and respond no matter how busy he is. Just calling you to say that he will get back in some time shows professionalism. Your initial experience with the law firm will highlight how the rest of the journey will be.

Opting for the best criminal lawyer in Sydney is one of the most crucial decisions you make in your life. It could turn out to be the difference between freedom and jail time, so make sure you make the right choice.