Four Bookie Secrets to Be Know by Newcomers

Being a newbie in the betting world is a tough thing. It takes time and effort to collect the necessary knowledge and gain a professional experience. Knowing this, bookies often take advantage of newbies by offering poor odds, small bonuses, and delayed withdrawals. This is why you should be prepared for possible challenges.

Bookies keep several important things secret from you. When it comes to an online sportsbook that covers bettors internationally or locally, it is the same thing being talked about. Read on and be sure to pick up some useful details along the way!


If you think that bookies want you to lose, you are wrong. The bookies don’t do anything to make you lose, but they don’t do anything to help you succeed. They simply don’t care about you. The bookie’s goal is to balance out the number of bets on each side of the game. After collecting the house edge, they use the money of the losers to pay the winners.

Expertise in marketing

Online sports betting is known as a wild market where everyone is striving for bettor’s money. This is why you should examine the marketing strategies used by bookies and bettors to choose the most suitable format for yourself. However, be careful. Not all offers are exactly what they seem at first sight. Always pay attention to the fine print so you could know what you are getting yourself into. In the case of the selected bookie, look through BetNow review to get a second opinion on its services.

Parlay bets

Betting on a parlay has an absolute benefit of a good profit. In fact, it can be huge. By betting $20, you can get $550 by the end of the betting session. The problem about this is that most parlay bets are hardly possible to win consistently. This is what the bookies are interested in. By enticing you with a promise of extra cash, they often give you stupid hopes.

Everyone loses

If you find a bookie that promises you to win almost all of its bets, you shouldn’t count on it. The bookie is most likely lying to you. It just wants you to lose by giving you some false hints. The way to make a huge sum of money out of betting is to win big bets and big amounts of money in a bet. Consequently, your losses won’t outweigh your wins.

Final thought

Despite all of the above discussions, don’t think that every bookie is a “villain.” However, it can’t be your friend either. You have a common goal of earning money. Keep this in mind when you registered on the bookie’s website.