Everything You Need to Know About IP Theft Investigation

Do you suspect that your intellectual property has been stolen? If that is the case, you might be wondering how you can get an investigation going to recover your missing property. The first thing you will want to do is work with a professional IP investigator.

If you find a professional to work with, they will be able to use their experienced team to help you get to the bottom of your missing property. They are full of knowledge and have dealt with issues like this before, so they will know what steps need to be taken to retrieve your stolen information.

What is IP Theft?

IP (intellectual property) theft is any creative or commercial innovation that has been duplicated or copied without the knowledge and approval of the innovator. IP includes things like symbols and logos that have been copyrighted or patented. It could even be a defining mark or icon, anything created by the company for company use only.

Work with Professionals

If you are on the hunt for a professional to work with, you want to make sure you are working with some of the highest rated investigators possible. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential investigator questions on how their experience relates to your specific case. If you do not feel comfortable with an investigator, move on to the next.

Investigation Process

When you provide evidence of your property being stolen, your team of professionals will get working on your case as soon as possible. The first thing that will be done is forensic imaging on computers, laptops, and servers in your office. The professionals will extract all user generated data including some that has been deleted.

The team will also search for any emails that might have been deleted but still exist in unallocated space in the server. They will search for specific keywords throughout the data to provide a report of the internet history and deleted internet history related.

They will then determine if there is any evidence of data being copied by Dropbox or any other web-based storage that could hold important information. The team will then search for any possible evidence of a USB device being used to copy data on.

After all of the research and investigating has been complete, you will be provided with a full report of all the information that was found. This information will fully hold up in a court room if proper evidence has been found during the investigation.