Claims You Can Bring Against Financial Institutions in Securities Arbitration Cases

The First National Bank of South Miami, Charles Schwab, and Brite Start Credit Repair count among Miami’s top banks, financial institutions, and financial advisors.

As an investor, you trust that such financial institutions will take their professional responsibilities seriously and manage your money with utmost care.

Unfortunately, you may engage with investment advisors, who can take advantage of you through securities fraud. In such situations, it is best to reach out to a top Miami securities arbitration lawyer. With their outstanding careers in the multifaceted field of securities arbitration and litigation, they can successfully handle various arbitration claims for you. Here are a few types of claims you can bring against financial institutions in securities arbitration cases under the legal guidance of top Miami experts.

Broker Theft

MIAX launched its stock trading options last September.

When stockbrokers, associated with reputed financial institutions, trade stocks for you in such exchanges, they can commit fraud, such as stealing money from you.

However, top securities arbitration lawyers in Miami can guide you to file a claim against broker theft. With expertise in FINRA mediation and arbitration process, they ensure your broker repays to compensate your losses.


In Miami, churning can be a violation of SEC Rule 15c1-7 and other securities laws.

Typically, you pay a commission to your investment advisor or broker from a top financial firm. But a fraudulent professional may make more overall trades, thus earning excessive commissions. It forms the base for a case of churning. They may not recommend sensible transactions that fit a broader trading strategy, leading to considerable losses for you due to frequent trading.

A leading Miami securities arbitration lawyer will use simple formulas to prove that the financial advisor has performed excessive trading on your behalf. The arbitration panel clearly understands the calculations presented by the attorneys in support of the claim where losses and commissions are the target of recovery for you.

Ponzi Schemes

Ponzi schemes have grown in frequency in Florida. The infamous case of Nevin Shapiro, who brought $880 million with headquarters for his Ponzi scheme in Miami, corroborates the fact.

You may look for red flags that indicate the financial institution you have engaged with is a part of a Ponzi scheme. They include factors such as high returns with low risk, consistent returns, and lack of paperwork.

Experienced lawyers in Miami help you assess such aspects to confirm your claims. They work on arbitration trials and prepare the details required for the mediation process, to ensure the other party returns your investments.


In Miami, financial firms may be legally liable if you suffer losses due to their negligence while guiding you with your investment prospects.

Savvy Miami lawyers ensure the financial professionals owe you a fiduciary duty, such as what RIAs owe. It will help them in the arbitration process for proving the advisor’s negligence in various trade phases, such as security selection and execution.

Consult an Experienced Securities Arbitration Lawyer

As per a 2019 survey, Florida is home to one-third of the US’s top cities for fraud, and Miami ranks #1, with most scams and swindles, including Ponzi schemes.

If you become a victim of such fraudulent activities in Miami, for which the financial firm you engage with is liable, hire a reputed lawyer for maximum recovery of your losses.