Casino promo codes ad wagering requirements

Most online casino bonuses provide you with a promo code in the advertisement that must be used to claim the bonus. How to use it?

Just go to the registration page and after entering your details you will be able to enter the bonus code in one of the sections that will automatically be applied to your account. If you are already an active player at that gaming website, go to the details section of your account and update the bonus code with the most current code you have been given.

I know it sounds easy but it usually is, if you read the requirements and follow our suggestions you will be able to take advantage of the best casino bonuses and enjoy your favourite games with a little extra. You can also use the code at if you want to test it first before you “buy in” without the risk of your own wallet getting thinner.

Understanding wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are a term that, as an online casino player who is hunting for bonuses, you will come across often. They are usually found in the terms and conditions and are written as a multiple of x20 x30 or sometimes even higher.

The rule of thumb is that the lower the multiple, the better the terms of the bonus and the offer itself.

Let’s use an example

We want to deposit 30 EUR and claim a casino bonus with the X30 multiplier attached.

It means that you will have to place bets worth 900 EUR with the bonus money before you can withdraw any potential winnings from your account. In turn, if you deposit 30 but the multiplayer is x20, you only have to place bets worth 600 EUR, as I said, the lower the number, the more attractive the bonus.

If you do not meet the requirement and try to withdraw your winnings, it will not be possible according to their terms and conditions and the specific requirements for the casino bonus.