Benefits of Live Video Monitoring

The video surveillance market is booming, thanks to new technology. It is so popular because it is an easy way to keep an eye on your business and protect your possessions.

Live video monitoring refers to installing surveillance cameras and having a real person watching them remotely 24/7. Live video monitoring is more affordable than employing security guards and is more effective than installing surveillance cameras to watch after a crime has been committed.

Installing live video monitoring gives you peace of mind when it comes to your business. The best part about live video surveillance is that security threats can be responded to immediately.

Live video monitoring vs. surveillance cameras

Video monitoring is more effective than surveillance cameras because the camera feeds are constantly watched, meaning threats are detected in real-time. Surveillance cameras merely allow you to trace criminals after the crime was committed, when the criminal is likely long gone.

Benefits of live video monitoring

  1. Crime prevention. Noticeable cameras help reduce crime, not just shoplifters at retail stores, but also dishonest employees. Installing cameras around your business keeps employees on their best behavior.
  2. Catch perpetrators by responding quicker. Constant video monitoring almost guarantees that you will catch a criminal before he gets away. Having someone keep an eye on your business’s property remotely means he or she can call the police at the first sign of a threat. A quicker police response means a smaller chance the criminal can get away.
  3. Less danger to security guards. Using live video monitoring to replace security guards can be a safer, more affordable way to protect your property, business, school, or apartment building. To reduce the chance a security guard gets hurt protecting your building, adopt a new system like live video monitoring.
  4. Boost security credentials. If you have live video monitoring surrounding your building, your building is much safer. This is especially good for apartments. If you own an apartment building, your tenants will feel much safer with live video monitoring.
  5. Prevent unsafe practices. Live video monitoring catches everything, including employees who are not following safety rules. To save you money in legal fees, compensation, etc., use live video cameras to detect unsafe workplace behaviors before something happens.

Live video monitoring is more than just surveillance cameras. While both help to prevent and catch criminals, live video monitoring can stop threats in real-time.

The benefits of live video monitoring include crime prevention, faster response time, less danger to security guards, better security credentials, and prevention of unsafe practices.