8 Unique Gifts for Your Father

Dads are very special people. Make your dad smile with a terrific gift they’ll love. Here are some fabulous suggestions all dads can appreciate.

Beard Grooming Kit

Many dads take great pride in their beards. This part of the face can be hard to groom. Make it easier for dad to keep his beard in fabulous shape with specifically designed beard grooming tools. That will help him trim his beard, keep food out of it and make him feel confident when he’s out with others.

Comfy Boots

Boots are necessary when dad is out and about. A rugged pair of boots makes it easier for dad to get things done. Boots can protect his feet from the heat and rain. They also make it possible for dads to do anything he wants to do when he’s outdoors. Good boots fit snugly against the ankle. Think about bringing him to a store where they sell boots and letting him find the one likes best. A gift certificate is another terrific option.

A Gel Blaster

Give a dad something they can have on hand to play with the kids. The M97 gel blaster is easy to use. It’s also something that won’t make a mess. Take it outdoors any time of the year for a fun time with everyone in the family. This blaster is one that allows anyone to have a terrific time in the backyard, beach park or anywhere where people want to enjoy the sun and feel the wind in their hair.

Outdoor Grill

Dads love the idea of sitting outside and cooking a fabulous steak for the family. Outdoor grills are very easy to use on any patio. They can also be cleaned without a problem. Look for grills that have a few nice extras to make that gift even better for dad. A covered top makes it even easier to protect the grill from the weather. Jazz up the gift with a pair of heat resistant gloves and a silicone basting brush. That’ll help any dad make a meal for everyone in the family.

Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are easy to install in any home. If you don’t have a fireplace, the electric fireplace is the perfect thing to bring to your apartment. They offer bright lights and that cozy feel you want on any cool day. Dads can play around with this one until they are satisfied with the level of light in the room. This is a good choice when you’re looking for a way to encourage family togetherness.

Plush Robes

Treat dad to a robe they can wear at home. A robe that fits across dad’s back and lets him move with ease is a fantastic choice. Robes that can be hung up when not in use are a good way to keep your bathroom organized. Think about the kind of things dad likes to wear. Many dads look for items that have a lot of use in them. Robes that can be folded up are a great choice. A robe that offers a hood allows dad an easy way to dry his hair when he gets out of the shower.

A Nice Watch

Watches are just as fashionable as ever. A stylish watch is just what dad needs to keep up with his daily appointments. Watches come in many types. You’ll want one that lets that special dad show off his personality. A good choice has an attractive band that can be adjusted to dad’s wrist. Think about special features dad might like. A timer to remind him of his need to pick up his kids is a great option.

Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets can help people sleep better. Look for a blanket that fits dad’s style. Dark colors can be very soothing. A comforter that feels good to the touch is another great option. Think about the type of fabric the dad in your life wears most often. Silk is luxurious and delightfully soft. Cotton is practical and easy to keep clean. A good weighted blanket can be stored when not in use. Find one that is long enough to fit dad from his shoulders to the bottom of his toes.

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