8 Self Defense Products that can Save Your Life

The world seems to be getting scarier lately, and a lot of people are wondering how they can protect themselves.  If you get scared walking down a street or avoid going out after a specific time of night because you don’t trust people, you’re closing yourself off from a lot of experiences in life.  It would be best if you didn’t have to live locked away in your apartment because of other people.  At the same time- being completely defenseless can be terrifying.

Here are eight self-defense products that will let you stay out late without worrying about your safety.

Pocket Pepper Spray

This option is the most obvious, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used.  Every personal pepper spray you can buy is built with one user’s worth of capsaicin used to damage the eyesight of an assailant temporarily.  It’s an irritant that can make its way into the lungs and nostrils and cause someone to stop in their tracks.  

Kitten Knuckle Duster

This one is of questionable legality, depending on where you live.  A knuckle duster is any device that can be slid over the fingers like a ring and is used for punching damage.  Kitten knuckle dusters have sharp ear points to hurt an attacker and discourage them from messing with you.

Self Defense Keychain

This product is a broad option and covers everything from spikes to chains, which can be used to stop and hold assailants.  These can be clipped onto a pants belt loop, or set inside of most purses.  A self-defense keychain is helpful because it’s usually tiny and easy to access so you can react quickly.

Stun Gun

Only legal in 48 states, a stun gun is an electroshock weapon that works by attacking muscles and nerves. It incapacitates assailants and gives you time to getaway.

Expandable Purse Baton

This weapon takes more time to deploy.  An expandable baton gives you a quick rod that can hit harder and faster than your hands.  Sometimes just drawing it out can be enough to scare attackers away.  But you do have to consider things like a “wobbler offense” if used.

Pocket Alarm Siren

Following the logic of a car alarm, this pocket siren helps by noisily letting out a loud siren to alert everyone.  This product disorients your attacker and gives you a chance to get away while they panic.

Bright Led Pocket Flashlight

This product is the least violent, but the cheapest option.  A bright enough LED will temporarily shrink pupils small enough that it’s hard to see for a couple of minutes.  This brightness can confuse your attacker and may give you time to run and get away.

Monkey’s Fist

This option is another one that you should google the local laws before you purchase or make it.  A monkey’s fist is a thick knot of rope around a ball bearing or another clump of metal, which can cause severe damage when spun or slung.  This product is a potentially deadly way to attack if hitting the head, so it’s crucial that you only use this if you have to.

You should never fight if you get the chance to run away.  Do anything you have to so that you can survive and live to enjoy another night out.