4 Self-Defense Weapons You Can Carry Everyday

No matter how safe a neighborhood is, it’s always a smart move to bring a self-defense weapon with you every day, just in case something terrible happens. In this way, you can guarantee your safety wherever you may go and be at peace as you walk down every road in your area.  

Even if you take proper precautions with you every day, you can actually put your life at risk if the wrong people surround you. So, with that, bringing a self-defense weapon with you will only be a great idea to protect your life and the other people around you.  

Moreover, listed below are the self-defense weapons you can carry with you every day:  

  • Handgun  

A handgun is one of the most common weapons you can use for self-defense. If you worry that you’ll be in danger as you usually pass by a terrible neighborhood, you should consider getting a handgun for yourself. However, you can’t just get one at the local store as you need to apply for a permit since a gun can put someone’s life to an end.  

self defence

After acquiring your permit and handgun, it would be brilliant if you could give a proper place holder for it to ensure that the safety lock would be in place and wouldn’t get accidentally turned on. You can look for gun holsters like the IWB holsters, and you should have proper storage for your gun wherever you may go. Along with this, you can easily pull out your gun when the situation calls for it.  

  • Pepper Spray 

If you’re looking for a non-lethal way to defend yourself during harsh situations, pepper spray is one of the most popular self-defense weapons available in the market. Since they’re non-lethal, you can easily purchase them in your local store and be able to bring safety with you wherever you may go.  

With pepper spray, you can easily spray the attacker right on their eyes, and they should have a painful moment, allowing you to escape the situation. With each spray that you release, you’re giving the attacker a burning sensation to their eyes which could reach their nose, mouth, and lungs.  

Having pepper spray with you is an excellent self-defense weapon you can bring with you wherever you go since they’re compact. In addition, you can use them as your keychain so you can quickly grab them when the situation calls for it.  

Ideally, you should place your pepper spray right in your pockets or in your bag, where you can easily reach it wherever you are. Always be on alert and prepare to use your pepper spray, especially if you’re in sketchy places.  

  • Pocket Knife  

If you don’t find satisfaction with just using pepper spray as you think that the attacker could still find their way to attack you, you might want to consider getting a pocket knife with you all the time.  

Apart from using a pocket knife for self-defense, you can use it for survival, especially when you don’t have accessible tools with you. With a pocket knife, you can have a knife, screwdriver, nail file, and scissors with you all the time. 

 When you find yourself in a terrible situation, you can easily take out your pocket knife and try to stab the person attacking you. However, you need to be very careful as your attacker might have a lethal weapon with them. With this, you need to be cautious with every move you make, especially when you’re in a corner area. 

  • Flashligh

While you can’t directly use a flashlight to attack your attacker, you can use a flashlight to help people know about your situation when you’re in a dark place.  

When you constantly need to walk down a dark alley, the chances of an attacker coming your way are higher since there would be fewer people who can witness the event. With that, you may want to capture as much people’s attention so you can allow more witnesses, which can scare the attacker away.  

In unfortunate events that an attacker ambushes you, you should bring out your flashlight and wave it back and forth to every direction that you can. The more movements that you can create, the better it is for your situation. That should be enough to capture more people’s attention. 

Apart from flagging the people around you, you can use a flashlight and directly point it to your attacker’s eye, blinding them temporarily. When you expose their eyes to intense light, they can lose focus on you, allowing you to break free.  


Self-defense is highly important. However, if you don’t have much time to learn self-defense lessons, bringing weapons with your everyday could be a huge help. With self-defense weapons, you can easily carry them with you wherever you may go and provide yourself with the maximum protection you could possibly get.  

You can choose to bring a handgun, pocket knife, pepper spray, or flashlight with you, and you can be at ease whenever you walk to dark and dangerous places.