4 Keys to Better Business Writing

The business world today is information-driven more than ever. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, a huge percentage of business management involves communicating with others.

You need memos, written presentations, proposals and many other written documents to put your point across. So how do you ensure you achieve effective communication? Well, you’ll have to work on your business writing skills.

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Many business people have little experience with writing, and this proves to be a problem. After all, perfecting one’s writing skills is hardly the motivation for people to go to business school. But lacking the right business writing skills is a handicap in today’s business world. 

These are some of the ways you can perfect your business writing:

1. Be Succinct

As a business owner, you need to master the art of going straight to the point. Succinct writing ensures that your audience gets what you’re communicating from the start. 

Pushing the intended message of your write up to the middle of the document is a bad idea. You need to present your main idea first and follow it up with an elaborate illustration. 

2. Cut the Fat

The last thing you want to do is include fluff in your business write up. Don’t use five words when three could suffice. Each word you include on your document should contribute towards making your point. 

Once you’re done with a document, read through it to make sure you cut all the fat. If a sentence makes complete sense without a given word, cut it. 

Readers automatically tune out when they realize your document is verbose. Use constrictions whenever you can to cut down on unnecessary wording. 

3. Use Simple Language

Even though this is business writing, it does not mean you should throw your readers off with unnecessary jargons. The last thing readers want to encounter when they read your article is $10 words. 

Using business-specific buzzwords is an indication of clustered thinking. There is nothing that puts off a reader as a writer who doesn’t write with them in mind. 

Conciseness and clarity will never get out of style. Avoid jargons as it’s not a sign of intelligence. After all, you’re not writing to showcase your intelligence but to ensure you successfully put your point across

4. Read What You Write

You should never publish an article before you read it out loud. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and find out if that’s content you’d want to consume. 

When you read out loud, the flaws in your writing easily reveal themselves. You can easily identify convoluted sentences and paragraphs that read too long. You shouldn’t be aggressive when editing your work, instead take your time and ensure your work is flawless. 


Now that you have the key business writing skills be sure you cross-check with them each time you’re writing. After all, every time you need to communicate something, you’ll need to write.