4 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Houses

House hunting is such a fun and interesting thing for many people that there are multiple shows and websites dedicated to snooping through homes that are up for sale.  Unfortunately, the fun of it might lead you to decide on a property that isn’t the right fit for you.

These are five important things to consider when shopping for a home and what you can do to make the right choice.

Distance to What Matters

How close do you want to be to work and the people who matter to you?  Some people don’t mind a long commute to work if it means they get space and lower prices, while others would rather be within walking distance to their jobs.

Consider what type of transit you take, if the location you’re traveling may change (the average person changes jobs 11 times, after all) and if prices could affect how far out you’d be willing to move.

Future Life Changes

Are you planning to have more kids eventually?  Do you have kids that are teens and are expecting them to move out within the next five to ten years?  Consider these important future pieces of your life and how they may affect the property that you need.  Although there’s no way to tell the future with complete certainty, a house payment calculator needs firm numbers on what you expect from your life.

If you’re considering having children soon, try to get a home with a room or two extra.  Of course, you can move again if you outgrow it, but you should try to find a property that will house you for the next five to ten years to pay off your interest and try to make a little money back from the sale of the home.

Projects You Can Handle

Many consider homes that have lots of projects needed because the prices are lower on these properties.  You must think about how much of a project you can take on.  Would you be able to handle it if you had to replace an entire roof or finish a basement that’s been flooded?  Although we all like to think we’re more than capable: some projects take up a lot of time and money, and it’s okay to admit our limits and not try to take on too much out of pride.

Perks That Make You Happy

What things would make a house feel more like a home to you?  Do you want a five-piece bathroom that you can luxuriate in, or would you prefer a home with room for a greenhouse in the backyard?

Think about what matters most to you, and write a list of wants and needs.  Wants are things that you can live without, or you could possibly build on or add later, and needs are items that are vital to you, and a house wouldn’t be complete without them.  Look at homes through this lens and try to find one that suits you!