3 Good CBD Strains to Buy on Black Friday

There are a few things to take into consideration when looking for the best strains on the market of CBD. These things include the quality of the hemp, the user reviews, terpenes (taste and flavor), the lineage, and profile, to name a few. Of course, buying it from a legitimate business tops all of these as you want your money’s worth and not get duped into buying something other than what you’re looking for.

Holistic practitioners always believe that if your feeling good, everything else around you work out perfectly, but if you feel down and depressed or on a low level, things in your body will get affected as well. These types of emotions are sometimes hard to control, after all, we are emotional beings.

However, there are some things that we can add to our internal system to strengthen it, in the case of the immunity being surprised as a result of these negative vibes and natural products sourced from the earth are always a winner in enhancing our mind and body. One such ingredient is CBD (Cannabidiol), a natural extract derived from the hemp plant and more information can be found on online sources.

The Best CBD

When looking for the best CBD, the overall decision will be your own, i.e. individual taste and personal preferences, as all the different ones are unique, they taste and smell different and have different strength levels too.

When choosing, if your shopping online, most websites should give you a detailed description of what it tastes like or smells like and what the THC levels are.  Look for the smell, taste, and cannabinoid content of each strain to figure out which one suits your lifestyle the best.

Different Strains

Different Strains

There are your normal strains and then there are your exotic strains. Saying that cannabis or the hemp plant has remained the same since it was first discovered in 2000 B.C. would be a misconception. New strains are being found and bred almost every month and in various countries, so the choice is vast, to say the least.

Unlike marijuana, which is far more intoxicating, the Hemp plant, is non-psychoactive. So if you smoke CBD you will not get high but rather feel a sense of calm. Some hybrid types affect both mood and the physical body, while others affect only the mind in a euphoric manner. Below are some of the popular strains amongst users https://www.healthline.com/health/high-cbd-cannabis-strains-for-anxiety

Hawaiian Haze. This one’s typically a majority Sativa with a ratio of 1.51% CBD to THC 0.67%, some breeds can get up to 18% cannabidiol and will have less than 0.3% THC, which is the legal amount to ingest in most US states and 0.2% in most European regions. This comes with a frosty appearance and the leaves have a varied range of greens and sometimes have hues of purple in them too.

If you are looking for a higher level of cannabidiol, this would be the perfect one for you. The aroma is a sharp combination of citrus and pineapple, and the taste is somewhat earthy with an undertone of floral notes. The effect this one gives is a relaxing one, so it would not be advisable to do much physical activity such as jogging or exercise with it.

Lifter. This is also another very well known amongst the green society experts and has a high account of CBD in it that ranges to almost 18%. The flower buds on this plant are brown and green trichomes. The plants are slightly taller and thinner than others that you can find on reputable online stores such as Cheef Botanicals. The reason it is called ‘Lifter’ is because of its mood-enhancing effects and users have noted that it provides a relaxing feeling and can be used throughout the day.

The taste ranges from a much sweeter and fruity in comparison to its predecessors but with an earthy aroma. With less than 0.3% THC, you can be sure not to get the “high” associated with this chemical compound.

Skywalker OG. Looking for something a little more potent? This Indica strain will do the trick, as a dominant hybrid, it packs a combination of 85% Indica and 15% Sativa, which means it’s on the stronger side. It is indicative of spicy herbs when smoked, and has between bright green and burnt orange buds, you may get a taste or pepper as well.

It is highly aromatic though so smoking it in the open air is advisable. The CBD content is almost 21% and the THC is also higher with an average of 13%, in other words, you will get high and your entire body will feel amazing.

These are merely only three of the numerous types on the market, hopefully, they will get you off onto a good start. Happy shopping!