10 Ways to Impress a Teacher


The article highlights some of the simple tricks students can use to catch the attention of their teachers. These tips will also make the class lively and enjoyable. The lessons taught will stick and be easier to remember during tests. You will have the best learning experience imaginable.

Teachers see more in students than the marks they score. Persons who go on to become successful career persons have built strong relationships with their teachers. They benefit from tips and insights that cannot be accommodated in a class setting. It was in the course of ordering my papers online that I discovered the magic in impressing the teacher. Here are some of the tips that will transform your academic life.

1. Get to Class on Time

A teacher wants to start the class with everyone sited. The momentum and line of thought are lost when a student interrupts the class trying to find a seat and waking everyone up to sit in the middle. Get to class a few minutes before the class begins. You will be settled by the time he or she walks in. All the time set for the lesson can be spent in learning instead of waiting for some slow walking student to find a seat. This will leave your teacher totally impressed. The teacher will also love coming to your class.

2. Sit at the Front

There is something impressive about students who sit at the front. They pass as attentive and interested in the subject being delivered. It is also agonizing for the teacher to keep telling you to occupy the seats at the front. Your teacher will also not have to shout his or her voice hoarse trying to reach you at the back. You build a bond by being close.

3. Be Active in Class

Teachers love students who are active in class. This means that you ask questions and answer when they are asked. Contribute to discussions and also raise issues that you think are of concern. When someone cracks a joke, laugh with the other class members. You are not a piece of rock that cannot engage. It is your active nature that will cause classmates to notice your presence or absence. You become the life of a class. It also makes learning lively and lessons easier to understand.

4. Pay Attention to Details

It is impressive when a student can listen to instructions given by the teacher and implement them. There are students who miss even the most basic instructions. This is a huge turnoff to teachers. Check instructions provided and implement them. There are hints and obvious statements that teachers make in class. If you can read the mood of the teacher and meet his or her expectations without being followed, then you will be in his very good books.

5. Keep Away The Phone

Students today have numerous gadgets to use in class. These gadgets help them to access education apps or for entertainment purposes. However, the phone and such other gadgets should only be used with instructions from your teacher. Using the phone on the desk or having earphones while a lesson is in progress is utterly disrespectful. The teacher feels as though he or she is talking to zombies and ill-mannered students. It is the desire of every teacher to have full attention of all pupils.

6. Show Enthusiasm in Learning

There are instances when you will be tired and low in energy. There are other compulsory courses that do not interest you at all. To remain in the good books of your teacher, you need to show learning enthusiasm. Be bright in class. Ask questions, contribute when a discussion comes up and answer questions when asked. Do not show boredom by yawning, shuffling on your seat, scrolling the phone, gazing outside or even sleeping. The responsibility of the teacher is to teach. Be prepared to learn for the few weeks the course will be on offer. You have no idea when the lesson will prove beneficial to you.

7. Be Proactive

Teachers are impressed by proactive students. They do not have to wait for the teacher to issue notes, call the class to order, recommend materials and provide general directions. Proactive students read ahead of the teacher. They also point at issues that are important to the class like an interesting book or learning tool that they came across. Such a class is lively and makes it feel as though learning is a partnership between the teacher and student. Lazy students who have to be pushed around are a burden to the teacher and the rest of the class.

8. Be Helpful

Do what needs to be done in class at the time it is required. If the class needs to be organized for discussion or a special session, actively participate. When asked to collect specimen at home or away from class, be ready to collect them. If there is need to for drama or role play, volunteer to take a role. Search for learning materials, make suggestions and give experiences where needed. Organize fellow students to make learning easier. You become an asset to the class and will be loved by both the teacher and fellow students.

9. Do Your Assignments

While teachers love charismatic personalities in class, there is nothing as impressive as a student who performs well or makes the effort to hit top score. Read widely and be diligent in your academic work. Work hard to produce captivating assignments and arguments in class. Meet deadlines and do not miss your classes. When a teacher loves your class work, he or she will be your friend and provide the best insights on improving your academic performance.

10. Appreciate Your Teacher

Teachers are people who also love to be loved. When he or she teaches well, say thank you. If the lesson was captivating, clap. When it is her birthday or anniversary, sing that song or decorate the board for her. She feels a part of the community. To her, you will be friends and family instead of being pupils. You build bonds that last beyond class.

The love between a teacher and student is built on strong academic performance and effort. Get the best assignments at writersdepartment.com to improve on your performance and capture the attention of your teacher. You will have an easier time in class and the best experience in school.